It took a village of law enforcement agencies to save horse that fell into river

Agriculture detectives joined forces in Florida to rescue a horse that had fallen in the Caloosahatchee River, near Fort Denaud in Hendry County.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s agriculture deputy Justin Treworgy was called on Monday around 2.30pm by the Region-6 Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team to help with the rescue.

Treworgy, a member of the team, responded to the scene with other team members to find the horse trapped.

The horse could not climb back up the steep 10-foot embankment and if it was not for a passing boater the horse could have drowned or starved, Treworgy said.

“Once on scene we immediately set to work assembling an A-frame and used ropes and pulley systems to lift the horse out of the hole. Once back on dry land the horse was inspected by a vet and released back into its pasture.”

Treworgy was joined in the rescue by team members Danny Hunt, from the Alva Fire Department; Dave Estes and Doug Fowler, from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office; Charlie and Mark White, from the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office; and Captain Rick Dobson, Randy Hodges, Gary Clark, and Matt Faulk, from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

All are from Sheriffs offices are agricultural detectives in their counties.

Additional help was provided by Chief Tiner and Larry Taylor of the Alva Fire Department, Gregory Bryant of the LCSO Marine Unit, who provided waterborne transportation and river traffic control, and Dr Dennis Van Roekel who provided veterinary services.

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    The horse has a heart on its forehead..and it was a heartbraking story..thank you for saving that por horse :)

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    You wonderful human beings!! xxxxxxx

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