One of New Mexico's most beautiful birds, the golden eagle, was hit by a car going 65 miles per hour.

But wait until you hear what happened after a New Mexico couple rescued the bird.

This adult golden eagle shouldn't be standing, shouldn't even be alive.

"It shattered the windshield pushed it in six inches, dented the top of the car," said Dennis Miller, founder of The Gila Wildlife Rescue in Silver City.

That was last week.

Denise and Dennis Miller who run the Gila Wildlife Rescue, took on the eagle and are amazed at her quick recovery.

"For an eagle to go through that with virtually no major injuries is just short of miraculous," said Miller.

It's one of the largest eagles they've cared for - and they've helped over a hundred.

Right now they're just watching her, making sure she has enough to eat and drink.

"It's certainly moving around the cage and hopping around and flapping its wings which is incredible for what it went through," said Miller.

It'll be at least a month until this majestic raptor can take to the skies.

"They pretty much tell us when they're ready to go because they'll start flying back and forth in the cage and so far the prognosis looks good," said Denise Miller.

That day will no doubt also lift the Millers' spirit.

"To be able to release it and watch it fly and soar into freedom, that to me is very rewarding and it kind of makes you feel good inside," said Denise Miller.

The Millers and their foundation have helped hundreds of animals injured by humans and say it's their passion in life.

They've been doing it for 34 years.


Responses to "Golden eagle survives collision with windshield (Video)"

  1. StuRoss says:

    Miracle this sweet thing survived.

  2. Unknown says:

    Wonderful news & wonderful story! Thanks to you, the Millers, you make the world a better place.

  3. lolapower says:

    Wonderful story!! It makes me happy to know there are acaring people in the world like the Millers!

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