Hearing the bone-chilling sound of a wolf howling can be an unnerving experience, even more so if it is an entire pack.

Visitors to the Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Indiana, recorded a video of about 30 animals harmonizing, joining their voices in a single heart-chilling howl.

The lupine recital begins with a single soft ah-oooo, but not before long, more and more animals join in, turning a solo into a chorus of haunting notes.

The wolves, held in separate enclosure areas, seem to call out to one another by emitting piercing, primal wails. In one of the pens, a quintet of white and grey animals jump onto a wooden platform as if they are singers ascending the stage.

In the video, the wolves are captured raising their heads in unison to the sky and yowling ever louder, reaching a deafening crescendo both terrifying and beautiful.

As soon as the lupine symphony appears to come to a conclusion, one of the animals would pick up again, with the others falling in with the chorus.

YouTube user thesadistnationx uploaded the 1 minute 34 second footage on Monday after returning from a weekend trip to the wolf sanctuary that allow visitors to interact with the animals.

'It was insane, and we were in one of the pack's cages right in the middle of it all,' the used described the experience.

Since being uploaded onto YouTube Monday, the video has been video nearly 600,000 times.

Howls play a key role in a wolf pack. Some experts have suggested that the vocalization strengthens the bonds of the group, and chorus howls can end feuds between wolves, according to the PBS show Nova.

The act of howling also allows members of the pack spread over a great distance while searching for food to stay in touch because the sound's low pitch and long duration travel well in a forest or across tundra.

Although to the untrained human ear all the howls may sound alike, each wolf has its own individual sound which allows pack mates identify one another.

A visitor at the Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Ind., captured this symphony of wolves.

Responses to "Haunting video shows pack of 30 WOLVES howling in perfect unison"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this, what a gift from the person who originally posted this, & ty WW 4 the share here.Their howls touched my Spirit.

  2. The joy and pleasure of hearing and seeing these wolves all howl together at the same time is truly a very special moment. I hope we all heard their howls from our hearts and not just with our ears :)!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I lived close to a large pack some years ago, heard this many times, all so joined in at times. I honestly think they may have thought of me as family.
    Maybe like a retarted uncle.

  4. Unknown says:

    I love the sound of wolf howls. Where we live we have wolves and sometimes we can hear them. While hiking we often see their huge prints in the mud. Many of the ranchers around here hate them because they kill their stock, whether sheep or cattle. They usually kill the young or the lame. We have a wolf season here as well, and some of the wolves taken are larger than the men. I still love wolves, but if one was trying to kill my sheep I would defend them if I had too. That would be the only reason I would kill a wolf, because I feel they have a place in the ecosystem.

  5. LouAnn says:

    This video should go viral! If you listen attune yourself, you cn hear the individual voices.....this video gives me the inner feelings of "family" and they sound like this in the wild....calling each other....

  6. Unknown says:

  7. Unknown says:

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing. It is my undying wish to spend time with wolves. I live in NYC.
    Maybe one day!

  8. Unknown says:

    PS: if you shut your eyes and listen with your heart,
    it's even more amazing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hauntingly beautiful. Music to my ears that reaches down to the depths of my spirit.. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Li says:

    It is of a magnificent creatures cry from the heart. They are a majestic and spiritual animal. They are of whole and natural as the land they are on. Truly the call of the wild in unison. Beautifully haunting and shattering of the mind and soul. Thank you for keeping them safe from the white man's slaughter!

  11. Anonymous says:

    They Love,they laugh,they Cry,they feel all the emotions, why can some Humans know this

  12. Unknown says:

    Such a magnificent sound coming from their heart and soul. Makes me laugh, smile and cry all at the same time. When I play your videos, it makes my girl (Ayita) howl with them.

  13. Theresa says:

    These are all wolves that were born in captivity, not taken from the wild. They are accustomed to people and would not be able to be released into the wild. These same enclosures are so filled with greenery right now that at times it's hard to even see the wolves. Believe me, they are quite happy and content (I am actually a volunteer there and was in the enclosure while this video was taken.) They are quite happy and well cared for. And having seen how difficult it can be to move them to different enclosures because they WON'T leave when the gates are open, I can guarantee that they're not planning a break out.
    Our purpose beyond rescuing wolves that people think they can keep as pets, is to educate the public that this is not a man eating monster. Thanks for posting the video again. :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    So glad to know they have lots of room in their homes there. It concerned me too. Thank you for letting us know & for keeping them safe. ♡♡♡

  15. Unknown says:

    id never get tired of hearing that.....

  16. Lynda Kosub says:

    I Just Close My Eyes And Listen....... It Sounds Like Their Singing A Love Song. I Love Wolves And Have My Whole Life. I Could Just Lay Down And Listen To Them All Day Or Night. Just Listen Long Enough And You Can Almost Understand What Is Being Said And Sung Between Them..... There Is No Pain With These Wolves. Just Close Your Eyes And Listen.......

  17. Anonymous says:

    I've stood in the same spot as the person shooting this video and heard a few versions of this same symphony. Haunting yet peaceful. Going back there this weekend for the gathering.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My spirit reacts to wolves. I feel close to them. They love their pack (family) and all watch over the young. Their howls are to them what a telephone is to us. They keep in touch with their loved ones. I am grateful to the Habitat that keeps these people orientated wolves happy and healthy.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    we have to help give the wolves a strong voice!! please let the wolves run free!!

  21. Unknown says:

    Libres para siempre.
    Que hermoso regalo de nuestros hermanos.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am of euorpean decent and native american decent(cherokee/sioux) , i have had the utmost privilage to share my home & life with wolfs , they are my brothers& sisters , companions , friends, kindred spirits , i have howled with them , sleep with whole wolf pack , shared my food with them , disciplined them when they were being bad children, we have played tag , hide & seek , wrestled , etc , etc , so if any of you are lucky enough to spend some time with our wolf brothers/sisters, you will feel the love & spirtualness of grandfather & mother earths children , and it will leave a beautiful mark on your heart & soul :) <3 ty my name is squirrel

  23. Anonymous says:

    I would rather see wolves in captivity than witness the relentless slaughter of them as is happening now in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Delisting them is a death sentence for the whole species. Montana alone sold 6.000 hunting tags for 650 wolves. And the Yellowstone wolves, if they leave the National park boundaries, can be shot on sight. This is nothing short of a mass slaughter. Some states even allow the use of electronic wolf distress sounds to lure wolves and allow the hunters to kill pregnant wolves and their babies in the den. PEOPLE GET EDUCATED and RISE UP!! Tell the US Govt to put the wolves back on the ENDANGERED SPECIES list...if they are being killed off indiscriminately, doesnt that qualify them as ENDANGERED???? I was at the Grizzly and Wolf Recovery center in YNP when a pack began to how. UNFORGETTABLE!! Brought chills up and down my spine...I LOVED IT!!!! Please, if you care about the wolves, WRITE your representative, congressman and the USFWS to tell them what bad management it is to ANNIHILATE the wolves for ranchers and hunters pleasure. Ranchers get a govt. stipend for the loss and there needs to be nationwide EDUCATION on how wolves BENEFIT the ecosystem and how to manage wolves with non lethal methods. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is truly amazing! I love this.Thank you(Theresa) for explaining the place these wolves are in.I was wondering if the wolves had enough space and freedom to live there also.And thank you White Wolf for sharing! :)

  25. Anonymous says:

    This depresses me. There howls are beautiful and yes there are poachers out there that should be shot themselves for hunting creatures so beautiful but they shouldn't be locked up like that. It really is depressing, they sounded sad..

  26. jimmy says:

    True story: My car quit one night during the winter of 61 as I was driving back to Eielson Air Force Base at Fairbanks, Alaska. It was in November, and about 10PM. I decided to walk up to a bar that was only 100 yards ahead of me and phone for a tow truck. I no sooner closed the car door and had taken my first 10 steps when I heard these exact same howling sounds coming from behind me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I literally ran that last 90 yards as fast as I can even though I was fully dressed in mucluks, fat-boy pants and parka. Hearing wo;ves howling while you're out in the open like that could mean that "You're suddenly on their lunch menu." Just listening to these guys doing their thing, still gives me the chills.

  27. atlasdoc2 says:

    This is great.. my 5 year old Akita male, came running to the computer, sat, threw his head back and joined right in!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    who ever the hell you are that keeps the wolfs are stupid an laugh at them... they wanna go on their own way.

  29. Anonymous says:

    love them howling , beautiful and wonderful , thank you

  30. Anonymous says:

    I love wolves..Period...they have mesmerized me for as far back as i can remember..i used to hate seeing wolves in sanctuaries, but since understanding why these places exist, i have been trying to visit as many as i can. I am worried for the wild wolves; all the Massacre States are killing too many; I don't understand why they hate the wolves so much. We must not lose this fight..Please speak up for them by writing, emailing and calling your congressman..It is our country, it is the wolves home; the murderers must not win..And people, stop breeding hybrid wolves and trying to keep wolves as pets! When you tire of them, or they grow too much for you, sanctuaries are the only place they can go..

  31. Unknown says:

    There are more things in heaven than are dreamt of in our philosophies...

  32. tracy morris says:

    such a gorgeous experience, iv never seen/heard wolves howl b4 so that really touched me. i just love it, thank u so much 4 sharing, but im concerned with the lack of space 4 so many wolves please help me 2 understand the amount of wolves 2 such a small area.

  33. Anonymous says:

    beautiful sound.. we all have a wolf in us.. the wild in us.. why cant we at least offer them more space... if they have to be "caged" make it50 acrea.. and fence it if have to.. Plenty people out there would help with the fencing.. I have heard them in Alaska.. together with the loones.. and i never felt closer to nature or ever heard anything so beautiful..... it hurts knowing how we dont let them be.

  34. Anonymous says:

    My pup is sleeping close to my feet as I opened this the wolves began their seranade,mine
    awoke set close by to see, but I got up & let him in my chair to see,as He began to join in..Its not the first time Hes done a howl,but to hear him in unison was spectacular..[ps] Hes a Westie..9yrs of age.

  35. Anonymous says:

    One night I dreamed the sky was filled with angels singing; it was so beautiful that it woke me up...just in time to hear the last notes of the wolves' song to the morning fade...

  36. mAlice says:

    I felt that down to the pit of my primeval being, awesome

  37. Anonymous says:

    I have one that was abused and she is the sweetest animal I have -She loves my cats and respects their place.Angel looks scary but she is a lover!

  38. Anonymous says:

    "They sound sad"? You people have no idea what you're talking about. They sound like this in the wild, too. I can't stand people who think they know what animals MUST be thinking based on the noises they make. Unless you are a professional, shut up. You sound like an idiot.

  39. Mossmanor says:

    I live in Muskoka, and have gone to an organized wolf howl in Algonquin Park. It is amazing to hear 1,500 people go TOTALLY silent when the wolves start howling. I have also heard them a few times while sitting out on my back deck. Truly an amazing sound.

    Note to the author.... make up your mind! Are they singing in unison or in harmony? It can't be both!
    It's not in unison; that would be all wolves singing the same note. It may well be wolf harmony... they likely use a different musical scale than we do!

    But it is a marvelous sound, once heard, never forgotten!

  40. Anonymous says:

    "The Wolf's music is sweet to the ears of all who know the sound"...

  41. Anonymous says:

    That sound makes me feel like all is well in the world.Thank you Heavenly Father for creating such a beautiful animal and letting us feel like one of the pack for a short time.I think that with all garbage going on it would be nice if I could go and live with them.

  42. Anonymous says:

    If you are american, please do everything you can to put wolves back on the list of protected species, this killing frenzy is sickening!!! AND at the same time work for a total ban on TRAPPING, how that can be legal is completely beyond me! Wolves are needed, check out Youtube film about the impact wolves had in Yellowstone, even on plants and human hunter can smell out the sick animals! Wolves normally stay away from humans, and very very rarely will go after a human.

  43. Theresa says:

    Love that you reposted this video, but want to reiterate... these wolves were not taken from the wild and cannot be released into the wild because they would not be able to fend for themselves and would likely approach a human and end up being shot. They were all born in captivity, a lot of them being rescued from bad situations. The video was taken in the spring before the usual greenery fills the enclosures. These wolves are well taken care of and quite content.
    Humankind is the reason they are not running wild and for that it is our duty to care for them. Cruelty would be setting them "free" to potential starve as they have never hunted before or to be executed.

  44. Unknown says:

    My Malamute came running in and howled in harmony with them.....I used to have wolfdogs and had the opportunity to know several wolves for about 14 years from babies to their last day. Unforgettable.

  45. Unknown says:

    Growing up, i too heard this howling, with 5 miles of woods behind my house. Its beautiful, not haunting!! I believe there once was two packs. Now, none. I dont know where they went, but know what drove them out was home development. Maybe theres a mile or two of woods left but not as a whole... Now THATS SAD! Itsgood there are refugee habitats for them, but people should be more educated about them instead of being scared of them! And land development is just pushing them out of their natural habitat which is causing more human interaction. I would like to hunt down some humans that arerining the earth as a whole! I would love

  46. Anonymous says:

    free to roam and be,, however in this world wolves are not safe,,, shame on us---Believe we are all connected and the Earth needs this balance -- DO NOT put back into the main stream of free upon the Earth-- they don't know how to defend themselves

  47. Anonymous says:

    beautiful just beautiful, so glad they are there and not running free, so that the morons that think its clever to kill them, cant.

  48. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful cacophony ☺

  49. Anonymous says:

    just wish the idiot humans would shut up...

  50. cathy t says:

    the howling of the wolves is beautiful, please put them on the protected species
    list before the human species obliterates them and future generations will not be able to enjoy them and their beauty

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