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Florian Schulz is a wildlife and conservation photographer and he is also one of the founding members of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He feels strongly about the power of photography to be used as a tool for bringing awareness to environmental issues and lectures about it often. Schulz has made a career out of visiting some of the coldest places on earth and documenting the wildlife and incredible beauty of these extremes.

Schulz spent 15 months in the Arctic over six years to document wildlife from the fierce polar bear to the undeniably cuddly ringed seal pups. He focused on not only wildlife though but also wonderful landscapes that are also threatened. His work from this time has come together in 'To The Arctic', a 3D IMAX film and companion book featuring over 150 photographs.

As is mentioned in 'To The Arctic', "In contrast to the common perception of the Arctic as a ‘vast nothingness,’ Schulz’s images display an ecosystem of surprising richness that is teeming with life. Following the cycle of one year, To The Arctic showcases a pageant of wildlife—oddly captivating shapes of muskoxen, waves of migrating caribou, and some of the most extraordinary images ever captured of a mother polar bear and her two cubs."

Schulz's work is very needed and timely since polar bear conservation efforts are needed now more than ever. Recently CITES rejected a proposal by the U.S. to ban cross-border trade in polar bears and their parts. The population of polar bears is very threatened worldwide and is estimated to be only 20,000-28,000, with about two-thirds of the bears located in Canada.

Schulz's companion book to the 3D IMAX film, To The Arctic, will also be part of an awareness campaign sponsored by Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund called 'Arctic Home'. The effort will be used to support WWF’s conservation of Arctic polar bears and their habitat.

Enjoy some of his incredible work below which highlights the beauty and splendor of life in the Arctic.

Photos credits : Florian Schulz

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