Meteor captured on camera in US (Videos)

Nasa has said that the flash of light that streaked across the sky over the US East Coast and was captured on security cameras appeared to be a "single meteor event".

A security camera above a car yard in Seaford, Delaware, and another in Maryland captured footage of what appeared to be a meteor travelling across the skyline late on Friday.

Bill Cooke of Nasa's Meteoroid Environmental Office said the meteor was widely seen, with more than 350 reports on the website of the American Meteor Society alone.

The sky flash was spotted as far south as Florida and as far north as New England, the newspaper USA Today reported.

Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, agreed that the sightings had all the hallmarks of a "fireball."

Pitts said experts could not be 100 percent certain of what it was, but the descriptions by so many people were "absolutely consistent" with those of a meteor.


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