Raucous parrots have been accused of being drunk and disorderly by residents living in Palmerston, Australia.

The birds are thought to get into their inebriated state by eating a particular plant that makes them exhibit all the tendencies of having overdone it on the sauce.

According to Ark Animal Hospital vet Dr Stephen Cutter, the birds act in a drunken manner and then fall over: ‘It’s probably a plant with alcohol, or toxins in a plant making it worse’.

The birds typically start out by making a lot of racket on a Friday night at the Palmerston Markets, followed by more loud drunken behaviour before they eventually fall over.

The morning after is said to be very bad for the seriously hungover parrots, who can be sick for up to three days.

Dr Cutter added that the birds’ drunken behaviour has made them very unpopular with locals.

It’s not the first time that this phenomenon has occurred , with the birds noted for engaging in their drunken antics around early May.

The Ark Animal Hospital has been feeding the birds sweet porridge and fresh fruit to nurse them back to health before releasing them.


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