The 25th Anniversary Lakehead University Native Student Association (LUNSA) Pow Wow is in full swing this afternoon in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but you can enjoy the action from the comfort of home.

In co-operation with the Lakehead University Native Students Association and Lakehead University, will offer the Pow Wow live in an HD Livestream+ broadcast over the Internet.

University President Brian Stevenson commented on the pow wow's website: “I want to welcome you to Lakehead University. We are broadcast all over the world and we are being broadcast all over Northwestern Ontario, I want all of you who are Aboriginal to take pride in this university, which is your university, and it a university that will grow and develop for you over the next few years."“Come to Lakehead, visit us, and see this wonderful celebration of our Aboriginal culture language and history."

Master of Ceremony: Nathan Moses, Pic River First Nation
Arena Director: Todd Genno, Pic River, First Nation
Spiritual Advisor: Kalvin Ottertail, Lac La Croix, FN

Host Drum: Little Bear
Co-Host Drum: Mud Puddle

Saturday: Grand Entry – 1PM and 7PM

Traditional Feast – 5PM

Sunday: Grand Entry – 12PM and Closing Ceremonies

The goal of LUNSA, Lakehead University and in offering this event is to help to build bridges and understanding between people across Northwestern Ontario and beyond about the rich history of Aboriginal Heritage. A little about Pow Wow!

The drum beat is Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Across Northwestern Ontario over the summer, Aboriginal culture comes to life at Pow-Wows. Almost every weekend there will be a Pow-Wow happening in one of the communities across the region. “It is like a get-together, its also a teaching,” said Munzeroy. “It is also a way to keep our culture together. A Pow-Wow is a celebration of life”. Munzeroy is a Ojibwe teen living in Thunder Bay, who participates in Pow-Wows, traditional Native dancing and drumming.
Click here to watch the pow wow!

VIDEO Pow Wow Part One

Lakehead University LUNSA Pow Wow 25th... par netnewsledger
Pow Wow Part 2

Lakehead University 25th Anniversary LUNSA Pow... par netnewsledger

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