Earth appreciation time

Once in a while, it's good to take some time to just appreciate the beauty of our planet.

That's one of the dualities of technology; it can alienate us from the natural world, but it can also show us things we probably would never have seen otherwise and thus stoke the fire

This timelapse video by Marek Kedzierski, shot in the Arctic circle portions of Sweden and Norway with 1 frame taken every 5 to 12 seconds, contains amazing vistas that lift the spirit (at least, that's how I felt). Check it out, it's truly beautiful (make sure you watch in HD and full-screen mode)

Timelapse video made from shots taken during a trip to Arctic Circle.

In this short movie you can see beautiful places of Northern Sweden and Norway and the Northern Lights.

Location: Abisko (Sweden), Lofoten (Norway)

Date: 09-16 March 2013

Camera: Canon 60D (+Magic Lantern) with Sigma lenses and ND 3.0 filter (all daylight shots).

Shot interval: 5-12 seconds

Music (licensed from themusicbed.com): The Candlepark Stars - Take Care and Safe Home

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