“Natalie Portman came by to say hello to all The Miss Indian World contestants!!”

Oscar winner Natalie Portman is in New Mexico working on the film “Jane Got a Gun”, a movie which she will both star in and produce!

The 30th Annual Gathering of Nations is underway now in Albuquerque. The opening ceremony had already witnessed a video greeting from an adopted member of the Comanche Tribe, non other than Johnny Depp – who will be seen on screen next portraying the legendary character, Tonto in Disney’s #NMFilm “The Lone Ranger”.

A favorite event at the three day PowWow is the Miss Indian World Pageant, which is where star Natalie Portman stopped by to meet with the lovely contestants from all over North America, representing an unprecedented number of Native American Tribes.

Portman is pictured above with the beautiful Brittany Clause from Six Nations, Ontario Haudenosaunee Territory.

This annual New Mexico based event is “the mecca of Indian country”, promoting and preserving Native American pride and culture for over thirty years, the Gathering draws thousands of people to Albuquerque every year.

The multi-territorial, authentic PowWow, “is an experience for all people (Indian and Non-Indian) to come see the colorful PowWow dancing and to hear the songs and become enlightened with emotional happiness! Over 3,000 indigenous / Native American / Indian dancers and Singers representing more than 500 tribes from Canada and the United States come to Gathering of Nations PowWow annually to participate socially and competitively.”

You can see a live stream of this spectacular event here.

[VIDEO] Johnny Depp addresses the 30th annual Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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