It is not uncommon for animals to cross the lines of specie's differences and form friendships. Many unusual and sometimes almost unimaginable bonds have been formed between animals.

And the best friend bond is something that can last a lifetime.

In northern England, at the Kirkleatham Owl Center one such friendship has been formed when Chop-suey, a baby white-crested runner duck, and Larch, a baby long-eared owl, met each other. The two have since become inseparable, sleeping and cuddling with each other.

While they are enjoying each others company now, in this case it will not be forever. A spokesperson for the center said the pair will eventually need to be separated due to "differing needs as they develop." But for now, the cuteness of their feathered friendship can continue.

A word of caution from the Center for those considering keeping ducks as pets. "While they may be adorable, make sure to keep baby ducks outside as they don't make for good pets. The average duck poops once every 15 minutes and the CDC recommends washing your hands after coming into contact with them as they 'often' carry Salmonella."

VIDEO Duck, Owl Photos Show The Most Adorable Friendship Ever

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