The 'evil' in Tasmanian devil is just an act. This video is undeniable proof of that.

On Monday, Devil Ark, Australia's largest conservation breeding program for Tasmanian marsupials, posted this video of two furry devil babies sleepily drinking from bottles, play fighting, and snuggling -- and within days they've become the Internet's new favorite distraction..

Tasmanian devils are at risk of extinction because of a highly contagious disease that results in devil facial tumors. .

The video's YouTube caption states, "Genetic diversity is rapidly diminishing in Tasmania.. There are currently more than 120 devils at the Ark and the goal is to have 360 devils at Devil Ark by 2016." .

Learn more about these adorable creatures and find out how you can help preserve the species at Devil Ark's website. .

High in the hills of the Barrington Tops is a critical project working to save an endangered Australian animal. Devil Ark is the largest conservation breeding program for the Tasmanian devil on mainland Australia.


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