Save Wolf Lake World's largest old growth red pine forest

Four filmmakers, two canoes, six cameras and a passion for the environment came together to create this inspiring timelapse video aimed at preserving what remains of Ontario's ancient Red Pine forest from mining.

Wolf Lake is surrounded by the largest ancient red pine forest in the world - an endangered ecosystem that remains in only 1.2% of its former extent.

The government of Ontario promised protect the ancient forest, but 13 years later it is still open to destructive mining and mineral exploration. (Source)

The Story

Save Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake is in the south-western part of the greater Temagami canoe area, 50 km northeast of Sudbury. It is at the heart of the world’s largest contiguous ancient red pine forest and lies on the Chiniguchi River, a popular wilderness canoe route. Old growth red pine forests are critically endangered and remain on only 1.2% of their former extent.

What is the issue?

The wolf lake ancient forest is being scarred and fragmented by mining exploration.

In 1999, the government of Ontario committed to protect the Wolf Lake ancient pine forest. The Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park was created upstream and downstream of Wolf Lake. However, mining claims and leases surrounding Wolf Lake prevented the inclusion of that area within the park. Instead, it was designated a Forest Reserve, which allows mineral exploration and mining, but prohibits logging. When the mining claims and leases expire, they are to be added to the neighbouring park.

But Ontario recently renewed the Wolf Lake area mining leases for another 21 year term, and could continue to do forever if supporters of Wolf Lake do not take action.

Save Wolf Lake from Rob Nelson on Vimeo.

Responses to " Beautiful timelapse video aims to save ancient forest"

  1. Ruth says:

    Just beautiful. Signed. I hope this beautiful lake can be saved. _()_

  2. Comtessa says:

    And they cut all the trees and put them in a tree museum and charge the people a dollar and half just to see them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The petition is restricted to residents of Ontario, North or South. I as a Frenchman living in France may not sign that petition. However, I am certainly not barred from investing in the ecocidal and genocidal Canadian mining industry...

  4. Anonymous says:

    it is such a beautiful place but i cannot sign petition as i am from england :(

  5. Thanks for posting my video. You can still send a letter to the provincial Premier. Visit and press 'Act Now'. Every email/letter she receives helps!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its a shame that we have to save Nature, but unfortunately there are people who are extremely greedy and to make a buck they will tear up the world, or try to save a small portion as their doing you a favor, however these forest been here before man and mankind, and thats our existence of Life. So, lets respect and protect all of all forest including saving Wolf Lake Forest, remember only a fool thinks that you can live without nature. Respect the Land for the next Generation and so on,....

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