A cat that went missing after Hurricane Sandy reappeared at the his owner's home last week.

At the end of October in 2012, the East Coast was hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Uranie Roberts and her daughter Carol Baumann lived in the Chadwick Beach Island section of town, on the New Jersey shore in an area that was brutally damaged by the October 2012 storm.

The two women were forced to evacuate by boat with their cat named Porsche and stayed, temporarily, with family eight miles inland. While they were staying with family, their cat went missing. Somehow he got out of the house where they were staying and when they were finally allowed to return to their home, they sadly had do so without the company of their cat, Porsche.

Six months had passed and neither Baumann nor Roberts believed they’d ever see their beloved pet again. But then on Wednesday of this week, Carol Baumann heard a familiar sound from the back deck of their home. When she went out to check she was greeted with a very familiar sight - that of her cat, Porsche.

Porsche had made his way home across miles of storm-ravaged coast and even a bridge, a half a year later after disappearing from the relative's home on that fateful day. Porsche showed up at the door of his owners’ New Jersey shore home looking as sleek and unassuming as he did the day he left six months ago, and acted as if he’d never left.

‘It’s a miracle. You could see he was eating. His fur is sleek and soft.’ said Uranie Roberts. Carol Baumann added, 'It’s just amazing how he found his way home. I wish he could talk. It’s wonderful, I missed him so bad.’ Neither woman is sure just how Porsche made it back, but they don’t really care. They are just happy to have him back home where he belongs.


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    I Gatti sono creature misteriose ,se solo potesse raccontare !

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