Dog Alerts Owner, Randy Merlo, To Fire, Saves Him From Blaze (VIDEO)

A 12 year-old cocker spaniel named Oz saves his owner Randy Merlo by waking him up when a fire broke out in the neighboring house. It was an early Wednesday when a fire began to spread which started from a vacant neighboring house right next to Randy Merlo. Merlo was asleep and was woken up to his cocker spaniel.

"He was nudging me, and I smelled smoke and we left," Merlo said. "Saved my life, yes, he probably did." The fire caused extensive damage to both the neighboring house and Merlo's, consequently resulting in fire, smoke and water damage. As of now Merlo has moved out and is staying with a friend.

Authorities have confirmed that the fire started out in the basement, but is unsure about what initially caused the fire. They claim the fire to be " "suspicious and incendiary in nature."

Earlier this year, another heroic dog was praised for saving the owner's life. Rosemary Field from Bristol was asleep and her bedside lamp, which was left on, fell onto her bed. Sleeping with her on her bed was Barbie, a seven-year-old Jack Russell. Barbie began to lick Rosemary's face but she brushed the dog off and continued back to sleep.

Barbie was persistent though and kept licking the owner's face until she finally woke up. The 72 year-old threw a jug of water to put out the flames before calling the for help.

Indeed a dog is a man's best friend. But just to throw it out there, dog spelled back words is "god". Coincidence?


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