Michigan Timelapse Video By Shawn Malone, 'North Country Dreamland,' Shows Upper Peninsula's Beauty

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a beautiful and remote area and when the flare of the Northern Lights brighten the night sky there, photographer Shawn Malone was there to document it. She has captured the incredibly stunning footage of the Northern light's flares.

Her latest project, "North Country Dreamland,"is an extension of that and spans an entire year and an entire peninsula of majestic nighttime vistas. "North Country Dreamland" is a six-minute time-lapse video, composed of 33 scenes shot around Northern Michigan last year, and is a testament to the beauty of the state's remote northern wilds.

Shawn Malone was quoted as saying,"I wanted to bring an awareness to protecting the night sky through smart use of outdoor lighting. Many places never see this dark sky anymore because of the tremendous light pollution that exists. We are so fortunate up here to have relatively dark skies, although unfortunately you can see light pollution in one of the most remote of scenes that I had to take a float plane to get to, Isle Royale."

Shawn says she shot 10,000 photo frames to create enough still imagery to make the video. "Each scene of a few seconds took up to three hours to photograph as the lapsed scenes are each composed of hundreds of stills," she said.

She made the video to build awareness of Lake Superior, and her home in the wilds of Michigan's untamed peninsula. It is such a remote area that she may only see a couple people if she leaves her house. Although she loves the solitude, she's thankful that electronic communication exists for her to be able to make a living.

Enjoy her beautiful and dreamy time-lapse video below

North Country Dreamland from LakeSuperiorPhoto on Vimeo.

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