Stunning close-up shots of hungry lions (Photos - Video)

In the wild it is the Lionesses that usually do the hunting while male lions watch their young. The Lionesses sneak up on their prey until they reach a distance of around 100ft or less. A number of lionesses usually work together and encircle their intended prey before attacking them.

Recently an Australian cameraman who was leading a two-week safari in Kenya, was able to approach some lions and other animals with a remote controlled car with a camera in it. The car was fitted with a special camera, and was used by Australian photographer Chris Bray, age 29, to get stunning close-up shots of these wild animals.

Obviously this was not the first thing an African lion would expect to come across while hunting. In the case where the car got a little too close to an elephant it was almost almost destroyed by it treading on it.

His pictures of the inquisitive lions are perhaps the most endearing, as they capture the animals sniffing, pawing and biting the vehicle as they try to work out whether it was worth eating. The camera captured close-up shots of a variety of lions as they took a closer look.

The device was such a success with the lions that Mr. Bray even managed to get a stunning image of the inside of a lion's mouth. This was as the lioness decided to take a closer look when the tiny vehicle crossed her path in the wilds of Kenya - even taking a bite to see if it was worth eating.

Enjoy these amazing pics below.


Responses to "Photographer uses a camera on a remote toy car to get some stunning photos of some hungry lions"

  1. Morgana says:

    Cute and playfull.

  2. Unknown says:

    Intriguing! Interesting for the photographer and for the lions. Thanks for sharing the video and photos!

  3. Anonymous says:

    All your videos and stories are amazing. I have felt such a range of emotions while following you. Thank you!

    Rolayne Pinnow

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