Chinese experts ridiculous claim: "Native Americans have descended from the Hunan Chinese"

China's Global Times - that reliable purveyor of the sublimely ridiculous, the terrifyingly nationalistic, and the just generally offensive -- struck again on Wednesday, with a quick nine-paragrapher that may just manage to combine all three offerings in one: "American Indians descend from Hunan, says expert."

The tabloid reports on the findings of Du Gangjian, dean of Hunan University Law School, who, on a recent trip to study Native American tribes in the United States (the article doesn't specify which ones), made the discovery that "American Indians have many rituals, habits and working tools that are very similar to the ones that exist among Hunan people."

The article goes on:

"The history textbooks in the world should be rewritten,"

"According to most of the history textbooks, Columbus was the first person to discover the American continent. This is not true"  he said.

Du's claims rest on the theory that famed Chinese Admiral Zheng He -- who accomplished many incredible things, there's no question! -- also made it all the way to the North American continent (a theory also put forth by British writer Gavin Menzies). This he almost certainly did not do.

As Twitter user @BrianGlucroft put it, in reference to the so-called "nine-dashed line" delineating China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, "Time to add some dashes to that line..."

Responses to "Sorry, China, but Native Americans probably aren't Hunanese"

  1. Why not prove them wrong? Obviously a DNA test would prove, once and for all, that the indigenous populations of America and Australia are not FROM somewhere else.

  2. Unknown says:

    anyone with common sence would under stand that some type of asain people came across the land bridge DUH....

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol a little tidbit about the romance of the 3 kingdoms, whom Zhang He was alive, happened during the 2nd century...A.D..... mind you out of all Chinese history, this is my favorate time and story, about a corrupt Dynasty and power hungery warlords seeking to unify China, the downfall of Han, and the great battles of Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Sun Ce, Sun Juan, Lady Wu, and of course the bright Stratagists Zang He, Zhou Yu, and Shuge Lian. Even if you belive todays theory of the Barring Straight where nomads from China crossed to Alaska and down, that happened thousands of years before hand.

    But lets not forget that before Guel was Guel and rome was around, we've found evidence of Icelandic people that predates the founding of the unifyed europian tribes (Guel). I'm not saying Zang He didn't come to Turtle island, but the dates don't fit. as of our gene pool there are scientifically proven 4 sub-species of Homosapians. each with a different gene that you have the Europian, African, Asian, and Aboriginal (including all aborigional people) not only that our chromosones are paired differently aswell as the next step in human evoloution is the famed 46+2.

    In other words, us Natives are biologically different than any other subrace of humans, same as Europians, African/middle east/ and asians.

    Another thing i would like to add, was we found the largest Pyrimid/mound on the planet in centural america that predates the cradle of life in etheopia. our people have been here sence the beginning...litterally. going on this the people of this land migrated north and split up assimilating with other smaller bands of people forming the omex, so forth and so on all the way up the west coast and gulf to the east coast.

    As of simular practices, all primal rituals(and i use that term losely) and beliefs are the same no matter the tribe or location. it breaks down into one singular idea, that there are spirits, and we are spirits, all connected to one singular spirit that is experiancing itself selfobjectively. without this thought process, there would be no religion or ideologys what so ever.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank u for sharing that anonymous!

  5. Dr. Wei says:

    Eh! They got it all wrong. WE colonized China, dude!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well I am a Full Blooded Native American and look northern Chinese, Mongolian-so I have no qualms with the Chinese Scientist with this backed up claim. The publisher of this piece seems to seriously have a beef against Chinese, Asians.

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