Norway's King Harald 'secret' trip to the Amazon

 76-year-old King Harald V of Norway accepted Davi Yanomami's invitation and spent four days in the Watoriki community (Demini) which is located 150 km west of Boa Vista (Roraima). He enjoyed the convivial experience which he defined as something "wonderful".

King Harald V's desire was to get some real life experience in an indigenous community living in the tropical forest, to share the everyday life of its inhabitants and to be able to take some part in it. He saw his dream come true thanks to the invitation that Davi Yanomami gave him to participate in the twenty-year anniversary of the recognition of Yanomami Indigenous Land which was held in Watoriki village in October 2012. Because of a busy agenda, this visit took place only in April.

Allowing the King to visit a Yanomami community with a restricted delegation, without putting his security at risk, required a particular effort from the Court and the Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia.

Through the Itamaraty, the Funai and the federal police, the Brazilian government has been made aware of the situation and offered its support to ensure the monarch's safety and respect his privacy since it was not an official visit.

The King's delegation was composed of security officers from the Royal Palace and representatives of the civilian organisation Rainforest Foundation Norway which has been supporting the Yanomami through education projects for more than fifteen years, using resources from the government. It was also composed of a representative of The Socioenvironmental Institute (Instituto Socioambiental - ISA) which has worked with the Yanomami for seventeen years and helped as a Yanomami-Portuguese interpreter.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I may be related to King Harald of Norway because my ancestor, Rollo, was himself from Norway. How sweet of the Yanomani chief invited the king to visit his village in South America! From Wendy Cunningham of Tacoma, Washington

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