A dying man's last wish was granted Friday night: he was reunited with his lost dog.

John Simpson has pancreatic cancer, and is in hospice care, where doctors say he only has days left to live.

Last Sunday, his dog escaped the house, dug a hole under the fence and took off while a neighbor was checking on him.

"Mr. Cutie," a Chihuahua that Simpson rescued, had been to the hospice home to visit Simpson the day before, and friends said he was probably trying to get back to his owner.

It turns out Mr. Cutie was running around the area near where he escaped. The people who found him put a picture on

Then, a FOX 13 viewer was looking on Fido Finder, and thought she recongized Mr. Cutie. She called us and we passed the information along.

There were signs the dog was probably Mr. Cutie, but it wasn't for certain, and wouldn't be until Simpson and the dog were together. Then, video from the reunion showed the chihuahua light up, jumping out of his skin with excitement when he was brought to Simpson.

Simpson describes Mr. Cutie as his "spark of life."

"I'm about to cry," he said.

It wasn't immediately clear where Mr. Cutie will go after Simpson passes away. But we'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, though, his dying wish has been granted.


Responses to "Dying man reunited with lost dog (Video)"

  1. Unknown says:

    that is wonderful!

  2. That is Great news So Happy for Mr. Simpson and Mr. Cuty!

  3. Mep says:

    Good to see there are still people out there that are honest and have a heart. That young lady is so kind to follow up on this! She is Mr. Simpson and Mr. Cuties angel. Nice story..

  4. Vicki says:

    I'm so happy that Mr. Cuutie was reunited with his owner. I am also sad that his owner is dying; what will happen to Mr. Cutie. I hope he will find a new home with people who will love him an much as Mr. Simpson did.

  5. Unknown says:

    I hope Missy gets to keep Mr. Cutie when the time comes...I think it would be a great match.

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