“Gifts from the Elders” - Honouring the past for a healthier tomorrow. (Video)

In the film Gifts from the Elders, five Anishinaabe youth take a summer to embark on a journey via the stories of their Elders. The youth are taken back to a time when people could live healthily off the land, and they contrast it to the options of today.

“Their stories chronicle the devastating impact that environmental and cultural dispossession had on the flow of knowledge from Elders to youth, and ultimately on the health of their people,” the filmmakers say on the documentary's website.

Written and produced by Chantelle A.M. Richmond and James M. Fortier, an Emmy award–winning Ojibwe filmmaker, the documentary is scheduled for release this summer. Screenings are being held this week in Ontario.

The film screens in Thunder Bay on June 4, Pic River First Nation’s Marathon Theater on June 5, Batchewana First Nation in Sault Ste. Marie on June 7 and in London, Ontario on June 10, the filmmakers said in a release.

Screenings start at 6:45 p.m. They are held in collaboration with Confederation College, Western University, the Ojibways of Pic River First Nation and the Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways.

More information is available at the website for Gifts From the Elders, as well as its Facebook page. See the trailer below.

Trailer for "Gifts from the Elders"

Responses to " 'Gifts From the Elders': Documentary Follows Anishinaabe Youth Journey to Environmental Awareness"

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Anishinaabe should get the value of their land no one else. The first thing you need to know is that's not the Government, its the old people who use to run the government in fact its Corporate Interest whose paying people to destroy our land. These are the people who are responsible A.L.E.C., Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, AIG, Koch Brothers, Rothchilds, Biedelbergs, Walton's their the one's who have their eye's and the equipment on the land, its important to know so when you go after the right people, you can go directly to the source. Also, McDonald's, Target, Walmart, AT&T these are the people who have interest in destroying our land. They want to mess up your water, they want to kill people, harm you with chemicals so they can eventually take all the land. But, we won't stay quite anymore this Video will be posted so every can see.
    Stephen Fortune

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Governor of Utah wants to open Greater Canyon Lands, which are public lands, for Tar Sands Oil production and Strip Mining. It's really incredible how the media has not covered the story of what is happening in Canada the sickness of the people, pollution of the water and air, deforestation and devastation of the land. It's Anishinaabe land. It was just two months ago I saw what the tar sands industry looked like in Canada and read about pipeline leaks in the United States. I believed these industries were needed. I know now, this greedy insanity and those participating in it must be exposed and stopped.

    This is crazy. How can there be profit if everything has been destroyed?

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