Meet Maya: the deer whisperer

Sometimes you just need something simple to restore your faith in the world. This touching video of a young girl befriending a lovely fawn will do the trick.

Brad Herring, Maya's father, posted their heartwarming encounter to his Vimeo account Tuesday. He wrote:

We were unpacking the car from a canoe trip when this fawn stumbled across our front yard and into Maya's arms. The fawn had a good sense about Maya and followed her every step.

They were inseparable from the moment the met. Maya knew it needed its mother, who we believe was off eating and recuperating from the birthing, so she led it back to the woods until it finally hunkered down.

Maya appears to have quite the way with nature. Herring even set up a blog that documents many of her outdoor adventures.

Children and animals, what could be better? (Source)

The Deer Whisperer from Brad Herring on Vimeo.

Responses to "Maya, The Deer Whisperer, Befriends A Fawn (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    All of us can learn what this world needs from us! Watch & learn from Maya.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely but did the fawn make it?

  3. Phoenix says:

    Lovely! It's great to see folks respect nature and do the right thing. I hope mama was OK and found her precious baby soon ;-)

  4. Unknown says:

    Maya you are that little candle that shines in the darkest corners of this universe

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love is contageous ... we get it from one another whether man or beast. Maya was so open and gentle.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When nature has it's is the most beautiful example of love in it's most natural response.

  7. <3 So Beautiful.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very touching........but I hope Mama Deer comes back for her baby!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Everyone keeps talking about how nature is so full of love.. This fawn will most likely will not make it to adulthood because it lost it's mother.. I think you all have a very warped idea of nature.. In nature only the strong, swift and fortunate survive... That's NATURE. Sorry to be a downer but you guys are really mixed up about what nature is...

  10. children show the way

  11. Unknown says:

    Soo beautiful... <3 <3 <3

  12. Unknown says:

    This is sooo beautiful <3 <3 <3

  13. Anonymous says:

    A certain someone who posted needs to grow a heart.,no compassion at all...sometimes its man that causes orphans..I hope they kept an eye on this little one to make sure his mom came back..she could have been killed by a car..

  14. Anonymous says:

    My hope's that there is an update as to if the Doe returned or not for the Fawn,or if the poor fawn had to be taken to a wildlife refuge.My hope is that the Doe did return for the fawn without rejecting it for the human scent on the fawn's fur.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hope this wasn't staged.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with some of the people on here,while it was a sweet thing to do,you could have signed the poor fawns death warrant ,touch it and to leave a human scent was thew rong thing to do. Also,did you make sure momma came back for it? What was done,other then to make this video,My
    heart is braking not know what became of this poor lil creature,did it starve a slow death?

  17. Sandy says:

    cute video, but i heard your never suppose to touch a fawn. they have no scent to help keep them protected from predators while mom is out eating food.

  18. Anonymous says:

    maybe you know fawns. ya might not know magic....

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