Meet Deucy, The Two-Faced Kitten

A two-faced kitten was born Tuesday in Amity, Oregon. The kitten named "Deucy" has four eyes and two mouths. It feeds and meows from both mouths but has only one body.

The Guardian reports that according to its owner, Stephanie Durkee, veterinarians say the kitten is in good health and its organs are in "working order."

The Daily Mail reports Durkee said: "The kids actually found them and came in and said, 'mom there's a kitty with two heads,' and I said, 'I think you guys are just tired, you're crazy, that doesn't happen.'"

The kitten's mother, apparently spooked by her two-faced baby, rejected it after birth. Owner Durkee says she had been feeding Deucy with kitten formula from a syringe and keeping her warm with a heating pad.

The Huffington Post reports this is not the first time that a two-faced kitten called a "Janus cat" has been born. However, most kittens born with two-faces tend to suffer health problems and often do not survive long after birth.

A two-faced kitten was born on February 2012. According to the Daily Mail, owners Nash Hand and Amelia Forsythe of Port Charlotte, Florida, named him Harvey Dent after the character in Batman. The kitten died two days after birth due to health complications. Another two-faced kitten named Gemini, born in July 2012, died a few days after birth from heath problems.

However, a two-headed cat named Frankelouie entered the Guinness Book of World Records as world's longest lived Janus cat on its 12th birthday in 2011.

Deucy's owners are hoping that with the vets having declared him healthy, he will survive to adulthood.

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    Wishing the best for Deucy!

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    <3 <3 Double Love!! =)

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    May God Bless him and his owners. What good luck!

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    Pauvres petit coeur!!!!!!

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    il et trop beau ce chaton tout le monde le kif

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