Rare baby liligers cavort in pics that will make you say 'aww!'

A rare lion-tiger hybrid, more commonly known as a liger, gave birth to three cubs at a wildlife park  in Novosibirsk, Russia.

The liliger cubs -- one quarter tiger, three-quarters lion -- are all females and were born in May. Their mother, Zita, was born at the zoo in 2004, and their father, Sam, is an African lion.

The three cubs have one older sibling, Kiara, born in September.

Ligers are the largest known cat in the world and share both physical and temperamental characteristics with lions and tigers. They do not exist in the wild, and only female ligers can reproduce.(Source)

The baby liligers had been quarantined for the first few weeks of their lives in order to make sure they were growing at a healthy rate and where overall healthy little balls of fur.

Now that they have been given the okay, the little liligers are now clumsily discovering their new surroundings in their new enclosure.


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    Wow, that's awesome! and they're so cute!! :)

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    They're cute!!!

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