Who wouldn’t want to see the funniest and cutest dog try to stomp on his own shadow? In this video this dog clearly thinks that if he stomps hard enough on his own shadow, then the shadow will disappear.

This dog is clearly not the brightest dog out there! If I could have any dog though I’d want one just like this one. He would constantly keep me laughing and fully entertained all the time. Check out this video below to see this amazing German Shepherd try to destroy his own shadow.(Source)

Why Do Dogs Chase Shadows?

A lot of seemingly charming and cute canine behavior may have a not so pleasant root cause. If your sweet doggie possesses an obsessive shadow chasing habit, don't dismiss it as being just a harmless little quirk. Shadow chasing in dogs often indicates something a bit more serious: a compulsion.

Shadow chasing is a classic example of a compulsive behavior in doggies. If your dog incessantly chases after her own shadowy figure all night, to the point that it disrupts her life and perhaps even yours, compulsion may be at fault.

According to the ASPCA, compulsive behaviors such as shadow chasing can be so damaging that they can even prevent dogs from going to sleep. Compulsion may lead to extreme fatigue in canines.


Compulsive behavior such as shadow chasing usually arises out of stress and anxiety issues in dogs. A dog who is cooped up in a small, cramped room all hours of the day may turn to shadow chasing.

A dog who suffered extreme abuse in the past may also become compulsive. Whether due to intense household conflict or stress and loneliness due to a new baby's arrival, a dog may resort to shadow chasing as a means of coping with life feeling out of control and uncertain. (Source)

Responses to "Cutest German Shepard Tries To Stomp On His Shadow "

  1. T M Foster says:

    I was going to watch the video but after reading why it may be stomping on its shadow I find nothing funny about it and am not going to watch it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why is this funny? when the article says it's not?

  3. Anonymous says:

    After I read that this "stomping shadow" is a compulsive behavior, I decided that I would watch the video. However, my reason for watching it was not to condone, but rather, to become more aware. Of course, I understand that by the description of the video being 'dog tries to stomp out shadow' that it would seem obvious to me. But, instead of trying to assume I wanted to observe this shadow stomping behavior first hand, just as I would explore anything else that I want to become more educated on. With all of that being said, I did Not find humor in this video, yet I am little more aware of the compulsive behaviors of dogs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We don't know from this video if this was a compulsive behavior from this dog. To me it sounded like the people encouraged him to do it at first. So thanks for the information on compulsive behavior but let's not be so quick to judge this one video

  5. Anonymous says:

    Give the dog plenty of ...EXERCISE....and he/she won't have time to chase shadows.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful german shepard .And yes it looks like they encouraged to do that for this video...hoping it's not a normal actitude. It doesn't look like the dog has a compulsive behavior, but he's tied...I don't really know. It's just an opinión as dog´s owner and lover. AND YES EXERCICE!!!!!! Best friend of a dog not human beings :-)

  7. elisa says:

    We have the most gorgeous, smart, gentle German Shepard, Gansett. We got him when he was a baby, he loves chasing shadows, not out of boredom or a cooped up lifestyle. He gets plenty of exercise at the park everyday, where he gets to play with other dogs and chase seagulls and other wildlife for fun. We also walk him to the beach most days and he has an acre of land to play at his freedom., with a a salt water filtered pool to swim in anytime he likes. He is an excellent swimmer. He loves to play ball, loves his stuffed squeak toys and has plenty of toys to play and interact with. We also shower him with love , take him to the Local marina, he loves the boats and ocean,, he also has two sister feline cats that he chases and plays with all day, they even sleep together at times and groom each other. He gets bones to chew on for the health of his teeth an jaw, he loves gnawing on them, a big comfy bed , and gets the best organic wholesome food. He loves all people, and all animals. He is the most special loving dog, but does love chasing shadows a swell. This is not his only pastime, and we don't encourage it, but it is funny and he has done it since a tiny baby! He certainly has not ever been abused , not in this life time anyway, and i hope not in any lifetimes, as i wish the same for All animals. I appreciate the information, as for some dogs, this may be the root causes, and there may be neglect ( tragically) but certainly not in all cases.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The dog does not seem obsessed with chasing the shadow, looks more like the people encouraged him to play with it.
    The section about why dogs chase shadows is copied off of another site, and it seems to have the key of being obsessed with shadows. A few minute long video is not enough for anyone to decide that the dog is obsessed. Looks like he has plenty of people and space to play in. Maybe just enjoy the video

  9. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree with Elisa. Shepherds are always inquisitive and always checking out things. I found the video to be cute and funny and people have to stop believing what is fed to them by every article they read. I had a mini dachshund that would chase the shadows of the barn swallows and it sure wasn't because she was bored or locked up. It is what some dogs like to do.

  10. Anonymous says:

    plaful happy dog

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