The Lakota Natives have strong cultural and spiritual ties. For the most part, the Natives strive to preserve their way of life.

Lakota Powwow Dance Styles 

Traditional Dance

 Male Traditional Dancers combine drama and grace to tell their stories. Their dances are primarily those of the warrior hunting or searching for enemies.

Regalia is made from natural material and is not as brightly colored as other dancers. Some regalia takes years to complete; some is handed down through a family and is over 100 years old.

Women's Traditional Dance is sometimes called straight dancing. Like men's traditional, there are many regalia variations. However, regalia is usually made from natural materials like buckskin.

A colorful fringed shawl is sometimes carried over one arm, and an eagle feather fan is usually carried in the other hand. The female traditional dancer has a very dignified look. Her movements are slight but regal.(Source)

Other dances
*Fancy Dance
*Grass Dance
*Jingle Dress Dance 


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