For the first time in his pontificate, Pope Francis met with leaders of Argentina's Qom indigenous community.

But as Cardinal, he had already met with them at least three times.

-How are you? It has been so long. It's a pleasure.

-A pleasure.

-How are you?

-Very well, thank you

The group, which included Nobel Prize Winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, met with the Pope for about 40 minutes, to discuss human right violations faced by indigenous communities in Argentina and other Latin American countries. It's something they talked more in depth, during a press conference.

FĂ©lix Diaz Qom Ethnic Tribe, leader

“They think of us as an enemy of the State. But how is it, that we're considered the enemy, if we're barely surviving?”

They say their problems include everything from a loss of cultural identity to land. But above all else, they say they're looking for respect and accountability from the government. They claim their house was burned down. They're often denied treatment in hospitals and they say their ID's were destroyed, so they wouldn't vote. Dialogue they say, has been denied for years by Argentina's president.

Felix Diaz Qom Ethnic Tribe, leader

“We've been requesting an audience with the president for more than three years. But our community has always been denied this.” Adolfo Perez Esquivel Noble Prize Winner, Argentina 1980

“This has already cost lives, whether by it be killings, or illnesses, lack of resources. That's why we are here. To highlight this issue on an international scale. So people know what's really happening.”

They're hoping that after meeting with the Pope, the Vatican can somehow intervene, so that Argentina's government will openly discuss the concerns and rights of indigenous communities directly with them.


Responses to "Pope Francis meets with leaders of indigenous communities (Video)"

  1. hekate says:

    Espero que su voz se escuche...a veces hace falta un lider espiritual con fuerza suficiente para que sus problemas sean vistos y resuletos. Si este paso no es suficiente...sigan adelante sigan con fuerza y sigan con fe.(y no me refiero simplemente a fe cristiana sine fe en el Gran espiritu o quienquiera que sea que les guie.Gracias por inspirarnos.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope this really happens. How can we say we are Christians, when human rights and respect of any people are denied globally on the scale that it is today and we say or do nothing to stop it?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Respeto grandemente las culturas indigenas. Confio que podamos hacer un movimiento espiritual lo suficientemente fuerte como para mantener viva la fe de estas comunidades. Pienso que mi alma siente sus creencias tanto como si las hubiera vivido en otra vida. Mi obra creativa propone admirar sus culturas como propia. La sencibilidad y destreza tecnica de sus creaciones artisticas del pasado y del presente hace pensar en lo maravilloso del ser humano.

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