In the Disney movie the 'The Fox and the Hound' a fox and dog become best friends and playmates. But in real life that is rarely the case as hounds and terriers are bred and trained to chase the fox and are their deadly enemies.

But nobody told Rosie the fox cub and Maddy the terrier about this. As soon as they met up, this unlikely pair became instant playmates. Just as in the movie, The Fox And The Hound, these two pals romp together all day long and are growing up to be the best of friends.

Little Rosie, the fox, was found abandoned as the lone survivor of her litter after her father killed her siblings. After being hand-reared, she was taken in by Richard Bowler, 44, a former builder turned wildlife photographer. Richard lives on his five-acre smallholding near Corwen in North Wales.

Richard however had no idea on what to expect from his dog Maddy who is a Lakeland Patterdale cross, a species bred for foxhunting. Chances of the two hitting it off were not very hopeful. But everyone was wrong about these two.

According to Richard, “They have become best friends, although we always supervise them playing together as Rosie is still quite small at only 15 weeks old. Nothing is known about Rosie’s mum. All we know is her dad went rogue. She was hand-reared before her eyes had even opened.”

The unlikely pair were introduced after Rosie the fox was hand-reared by Maddy's owner, Richard. As soon as they are together it’s just fun and games and destruction. Rosie has also proven that she is a quick learner, thanks to following Maddy.

Richard has said: “I feel it’s important Rosie has a good bond with Maddy as when it comes to training, Maddy shows Rosie what is required. I’ve been amazed at how clever she is, certainly quicker to pick up things than Maddy ever was. Her recall and sitting is 100 per cent and we’re almost there with toilet training.

“When Rosie gets bigger we hope she and Maddy will sleep together. At the moment, though, as soon as they are together it’s just fun and games and destruction.”

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