location: Grasslands National Park, Val Marie, SK, Canada best viewing hours: 5am - 8pm time zone: Central Time

Bison are the largest indigenous land mammal on the North American continent. Considered a keystone species, these wooly herbivores helped shaped the ecology of the Great Plains today. At least 80% of Canada's native prairie has been lost, yet at Grasslands National Park there is a flourishing herd of plains bison that freely roam their native prairie.

Two web cams have been installed in the West Block of Grasslands National Park near the watering hole and Ecotour Black Tailed Prairie Dog Colony. These cameras will provide insight into the daily life of the plains bison, the black-tailed prairie dogs and other predatory animals. A prescribed burn was completed in April to help with the greening process of the prairie grasses to attract bison to the watering hole area.

Grasslands National Park is home to a unique blend of prairie-adapted common and endangered species from the Pronghorn Antelope, Sage Grouse, Burrowing Owl, and Ferruginous Hawk to the Prairie Rattlesnake and Greater Short-horned Lizard. Grasslands and the area immediately around the park are the only places in Canada where Black-tailed Prairie Dogs and Black-footed Ferrets exist in their native habitat.

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Bison Cam at Plains Bison Water Hole

Responses to "Watch the Plains Bison Video-cam in Water Hole, Canada"

  1. Kipik says:

    very cool, thank you for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its been brought to my attention that Helicopters have been Hazing the Bison's babies, pouring chemicals to kill the Bison Buffalo off. Now you know whose behind this kind of stuff if you guess the Corporate Idiots your right but thats not their animals or their land. They have no business bothering the animals, land or the people. They should stay away from Colorado, Canada and have respect.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow , it's the first time I'v seen them. Been watching for a few weeks now . AMAZING

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have been checking almost daily. Now get only a black screen. Am I the only one or is the camera out?

  5. Judy Williams says:

    Enjoyed the live feed will watch again.

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