On Thursday morning, July 18th, two Department of Natural Resources employees came across a stuck bear cub who was crying in a tree. The event took place in Aberdeen, Washington.

The baby bear was found after several calls came in to the Department of Natural Resources about it. In response two state wildlife agents drove to the scene and found the cub in the tree with a back paw that seemed to be stuck in the fork of the tree. Also nearby the bear cub's mother was frantically pacing very concerned about the welfare of her baby. With all of this going on the agents quickly devised a plan to get the bear cub out of the tree.

Their plan was to cut down the small tree that had the bear cub's paw trapped in order to free the animal. Luckily the cub and it's mother were on a forest road in the Smith Creek area. Had they been some place else it's possible that the trapped bear cub may have died.

Once the cub was on the ground and freed from the tree, it ran and climbed another near by tree. According to the Department of Natural Resources and the wildlife agents on the scene, the bear cub and it's mother were no longer in any danger and no further actions were taken.

It is important though to keep in mind that many times not every young animal needs human assistance. All to often humans jump into action to try to assist young wildlife when the reality is that they have a parent that is already looking out for them and we could be making the situation worse and potentially hurting the young animal and it's parent.

Responses to "Wildlife agents rescue bear cub stuck in a tree"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sure that mother bear was aware that they were helping when she could not. All life is precious. And mothers know instinctively when someone is helping, not hurting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for rescuing the baby and reuniting mama and baby

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