Injured woman's emotional reunion with dog lost in desert for two months

In late June of this year, a serious car crash took place in the Arizona desert near Anthem. Rose Sharman and her two dogs were unfortunately involved in that fateful crash. Both Rose and her one year old dog Ily were thrown through the windshield and sadly the other dog was killed. Rose who was badly injured was airlifted to the hospital. Her dog, Ily, was so shaken up that she ran away and became lost in the desert.

Ily was missing for more than two months in the hot Arizona desert. During this time, Rose never gave up hope that Ily was still alive. According to Rose, “I missed her the most at night because she hugged me all night."

A small group of volunteers searched the desert looking for Ily but there were no sightings until about a week ago. It was at this time that witnesses reported seeing two dogs traveling together about three miles from the crash scene.

A bait cage was set up with chicken and the volunteers listened for sounds of activity over a baby monitor. Finally some clanking noises were heard, and then a bark, by the volunteers. Rose who was still in the hospital, asked them to send a photo of the dog since she could hardly believe it was Ily.

Ily, who previously weighed around 55 pounds, now only weighs about 30 pounds but other than the weight loss and dehydration, she was in good shape. Rose believes that Ily survived because she paired up with another stray dog in the desert. The other dog was nicknamed Buddy. While Ily got to go home, Buddy ended up at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, seemingly without a place to go.

Rose who is still in a wheelchair until she can walk again and is recovering from the accident, had a tearful reunion with Ily who jumped on her lap and wagged her tail and started crying. It was a very emotional experience for both of them.

Buddy the other dog did have a collar on him and his original owner was contacted. The original owner had given Buddy away to someone else but has now decided to take Buddy back and keep him. Happily both dogs are now back home with their owners.


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