Nic Restrepo's wife is 8 months pregnant now and his 4-year-old Australian Shepherd Dog, Bohlin, continues to lay his head on his wife's belly and keep his eyes open while looking around.

It has been his favorite hangout for last 3 months. "Bohlin really looks like he's listening and when the baby kicks he keeps his ear right to her belly," he said.

Bohlin's recent attentive behavior is new to his family. As Nic notes, "He never really laid his head on either of us like this... He actually always played this game of getting BARELY close enough for us to touch him, he loves doing that. But about 3 months ago, when the baby started really moving, this became his new thing, he automatically goes for the belly when she's down."

Nic continues, "First 2-3 months I didn't pick up on any changes from him, not sure if I wasn't paying close attention, but around 3 months we did notice the start of serious over-protection from him." Nic describes Bohlin as very protective normally but on a different level.

In the past, Bohlin would do an innocent but obvious warning growl at strangers coming at his wife too fast, such as friends of theirs he doesn't know, or he would stand between her and people in public places. This was something he used to only do on hikes or at home with strangers. It is normal behavior for an Australian Shepherd to guard or protect "members of his herd", being the excellent herding dogs that they are.

Nic describes Bohlin as "too smart for a 'pet'." Bohlin came from a cattle ranch in New Mexico where his parents and siblings are all hard working livestock dogs. So his work instincts are very strong. Nic takes him herding up at a ranch in Acton, CA, about 45 minutes from LA so that he can get his working needs out of his system.

Bohlin also grew up with two cats that were barely a year old when he was 12 weeks old so his best buddy in the world is their male cat Peanut. Peanut will greet Bo first when he walks in the house, then Nic and his wife. They sleep and nap together a lot. But for now Bohlin's attention is totally focused on the new baby to come.

Photos Credit: Nic Restrepo

Responses to "Australian Shepherd loves to lay his head on his pregnant owner's belly and listen to the baby (Photos)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful story - entire family is attuned to the other members lives and that is what happens when each - whether two legged or four - respect/love the others. It has taken the world so long to realize our four legged friends have emotions as we do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's lovely to think of a pet wanting to be near and protect the unborn member of the family but I just wanted to say that I am Australian and I have never seen or heard of an Australian Shepherd Dog?
    Just looked it up on the internet and Australian Shepherds are not Australian at all. They were developed in the Pyrenees mountains and refined as a herding dog in the U.S. Why call it Australian? A bit strange.

  3. Unknown says:

    Incredibly beautiful...very sweet. Blessings to each of you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    we had an boarder collie aussie shepard mix years ago very excellent family dog I miss him

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