Miami Wildlife Center recently celebrated the "coming out" of their newest resident: a baby endangered Matschie's tree kangaroo.

The newborn marsupial, or joey, hangs out in the mother's pouch for five months, but Zoo Miami's Ron Magill was able to capture the little one peeking out from its snuggly home.

"Just as I was about to call it a day, she stood up and this adorable little head popped out with a yawn and then looked right up at mom as if to say, 'Hello!'," he told Local 10.

At the zoo, the tree kangaroos live in the Australia exhibit alongside koalas, New Guinea singing dogs, and a crocodile monitor lizard.

However the new mother, on loan from a Texas zoo, and her joey will be off exhibit for weeks to facilitate bonding.

And if five months seems like a long time for poor mama to cart around her babe, consider that the gestation period of tree kangaroos is only 44 days.

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