When you do animal rescue, you can never be sure what exactly will happen next. Most situations are fairly predictable but there can be times when you ask yourself just what are you doing? 

That was the case with Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation Dog Rescue just a couple of weeks ago. A rescue that involved a homeless man and 4 puppies turned into an action movie.

 Annie had received a call from fellow animal advocate Samantha Haas that a homeless man had gotten on a bus with 4 puppies in a large plastic tupperware with a lid. The fellow animal advocate had already offered to take the pups but he had said no and then boarded the bus. The puppies were in immediate danger because the man had closed the lid on the tupperware.

This is where the action movie then took place. Annie Hart and her husband found the bus en-route and followed it. Every time the bus would stop, Annie would jump out and try to board it but the bus driver would always just close the door and drive off. Finally after several tries, the bus driver did let Annie board.

Not knowing what to expect from the homeless man, she carefully approached him and eventually after using money to coax him to give up the dogs, Hart and her companions saved the small, malnourished puppies from any harm. As Annie remembers that moment, "It is sort of ridiculous that it worked out. The young man could have said no; we could have given up; the bus driver could not have stopped - and this list goes on. These are all the 'what ifs' that haunt our lives."

Several weeks later, all the puppies are doing great except for the runt of the litter who has a medical condition called a liver shunt. He is being treated and will eventually need surgery which will be costly.

The puppies have all been named now and have been featured on their own live stream webcam, available on UStream. The Bill Foundation also has been giving updates on rescues through its Facebook page and keeps fans updated on the dogs on its YouTube page.

Annie said the webcam has been used to showcase many puppies that have come into the rescue and created a great awareness for rescued dogs. "Our greatest goal is that more rescues will follow by running puppy cams, and ultimately even more awareness is raised to help the rescue community fight pet over-population," she said.

Watch  these precious pups on their live - stream webcam. 

Live streaming video by Ustream

Responses to "Puppies that were saved in a hair-raising rescue are now featured on their own live webcam"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweet. But they are all sleeping. haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love animals with all my heart. Still, it would have been nice if the young 'possibly homeless' man had also received a bit more than "some money". You bought his cry for help off him and just sent him on his way...

  3. Anonymous says:

    The little one maybe small but he got lots of fight in him bless so cute:)

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