Heroic Dobermans up for adoption come to the rescue of a woman in car crash

Sam Lewis and his sister Emily, 20, live in rural Shropshire in the UK and regularly walk two foster dogs up for adoption, Star and Storm, in the surrounding countryside. Recently on a walk, the dogs stopped dead in their tracks, their ears pricked up and they looked at each other, according to Sam. Then they started tugging at their leads like they have never done before.

The two Dobermans had heard a car crash more than a mile away but as the humans did not the dogs began to drag them there. Sam and Emily followed the two dogs and found a woman driver trapped in an overturned car on an isolated country lane.

Sam described the event as such, 'Star and Storm were really keen to go back the way they came which is very out of character. Out of curiosity more than anything we decided to let them take us where they wanted us to go. I was amazed when they pulled us straight to where the crash was.'

He went onto to say, 'As soon as we saw what happened, I called the emergency services and tried to see if the person in the car was alive. At first I couldn't see anyone but then the woman started moving and began banging on the back window of the car.'

The accident happened on a road which is rarely used and the woman could have been left for hours if it wasn't for Star and Storm's intervention. An ambulance service spokesman said the woman had a serious back injury and was being treated at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The two dogs are being hailed as heroes for saving her life.

Star and Storm are in need of rescue themselves. The 8-year-old dogs are currently at Grinshill Animal Rescue due to a situation of domestic violence, although they were not the victims, and were well loved. They are friendly and excellent with children. Storm must take medication for an under-active thyroid, which will be provided. The rescue wants to find a home for the two dogs together.

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  1. So hope someone takes these sweethearts and gives them a wonderful forever home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dobies are the BEST!

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