White Buffalo Teachings with Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Video)

Hau Kola. Hello, friend.

I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, greet you on behalf of the Pte Oyate - the Buffalo People, the First People, the Original People. We come from The Heart of Everything That Is - the sacred Paha Sapa - known to most as the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We are the watchers. We are witnesses. We see what has gone before. We see what happens now, at this dangerous moment in human history. We see what's going to happen - what will surely happen - unless we come together: we - the Peoples of all Nations - to restore peace and harmony and balance to the Earth, our Mother.

This new millennium will usher in an age of harmony - or it will bring the end of life as we know it.

Starvation, war, and toxic waste have been the hallmark of the Great Myth of Progress and Development that ruled the last millennium. To us, as caretakers of the Heart of Mother Earth, falls the responsibility of turning back the powers of destruction.

We have come to a time and place of great urgency. The fate of future generations rests in our hands.

Exerpts from White Buffalo Teachings * * *

When I was 12 years old, words of our ancient Prophecies were instilled in me by our Spiritual Elders of that time. Those Prophecies concern drastic changes that would come to all life upon Mother Earth. These changes are here with us today!

Our Prophecies tell us that we are at the Crossroads. We face chaos, disaster, and endless tears from our relatives’ eyes - or we can unite spiritually in peace and harmony. It’s time to bring the Message of the urgent need for Peace, of creating an energy shift throughout the world.

As Keeper of the Sacred C’anupa Bundle, I ask for your prayers for Global Healing. Our Mother Earth is suffering. Her wonderful gifts — the water, the trees, the air — are being abused. Her children — the two-legged, the four-legged, those that swim, crawl and fly — are being annihilated. We see such atrocities occurring everywhere.

Nineteen generations ago the beautiful spirit we now refer to as Pte-san win-yan (White Buffalo Calf Woman) brought the Sacred C’anupa to our People. She taught the People the Seven Sacred Rites and how to walk upon Mother Earth in a sacred manner. She said, "Only the good shall see the Pipe…the bad shall not see it or touch it."

She arrived among us in this way—

At that time, not long after the Flood, the People still followed the buffalo, but they had forgotten the Creator and the teachings of the buffalo. They were trying to control one another, be more than who they were. The buffalo disappeared and the People were starving and crying. They grew too weak even to move camp, and so they sent out scouts to look for buffalo or other game. But always they returned empty-handed.

Then one day they sent out two scouts, who saw not even a rabbit the whole day. Dejected, they started back to camp from their failed hunt, traveling through the woods and rolling hills, northeast of the sacred Black Hills, just up the river from where I live today.....

We must comprehend in each of our hearts and minds the two ways we human beings are free to follow, as we choose: the good way, the spiritual way - or the un-natural way, the material way. It’s our personal choice, our personal decision - each of ours and all of ours.

You, yourself, are the one who must decide. You alone can choose. Whatever you decide is what you’ll be - good or bad. You cannot escape the consequences of your own decision. On your decision — yes, on your own personal decision — depends the fate of the World.

You can’t avoid it. You must decide. You personally - each of us personally - is put here in this time and this place to decide the future of humankind.

Did you think you were put here for something less?

Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger?

Know that you are essential to this World. Believe that. Understand that. You yourself are desperately needed.

This is the message that I carry to you as we stand at this Crossroads in history — I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, known also as Horse Man, Keeper of the Sacred C’anupa (pipe) brought to the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation by the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman nineteen generations ago.

Hau kola. I am honored to greet you. I honor your sacredness, your humanness. I ask you to honor mine. It is good that we meet. Yes, good. Wasté! Mitakuye Oyasin.

When we say Mitakuye Oyasin — "All Our Relations" — many people don’t understand the meaning of those words. The phrase Mitakuye Oyasin has a bigger meaning than just our blood relatives. Yes, it’s true; we are all one human race. But the word Mitakuye means relations and Oyasin means more than family, more than a Nation, more than all of humankind. Everything that has a spirit.

The Earth herself, Maka Unci, is our relation, and so is the sky - Grandfather Sky - and so is the Buffalo…and so are each of the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, those that swim, those that fly, the root nation, and the crawling beings who share the world with us. Mitakuye Oyasin refers to the interconnectedness of all beings and all things. We are all interconnected. We are all One.

Don’t call us "earth-based," as if we worship the Earth. We don’t worship her. We honor her. But to worship anyone, we, the Indigenous, will never do that. We humble ourselves to the sacred energy of all life knowing we are one. We stand up when we address the Creator, we bow down and touch the earth, to acknowledge and give thanks to our Mother.

We see ourselves as part of the universe, part of all that is seen, and part of all that is unseen. We recognize that we are no better - and no worse - than the grasses, the trees, the birds, the insects, the animals, the stars.

But we also understand that we humans are different. Each being of Creation has a unique role and place, and a specific task to perform. Our Original Instructions tell us what our role is, where our place is, and what our task is as human beings.

Do you know your task? Unless you know it, and then perform it in this life, you have strayed from the Good Red Road that the Creator - Wakan Tanka - has given each of us to walk.

Even those who don’t know how will pray or meditate. They will learn to contribute their energy. All people need to learn that within each of us, we have this ability and gift.

Yes, our life energy must be a gift for our future. Your life, my life, everybody’s life must follow your given path.

So pray or meditate. Follow your inner path and learn just how powerful you are and learn that you are a leader for your people, your family, your children, and the Mother Earth.

What happens within us happens in the World. We are the Message of the World. As we are and as we do, So the World will be.

When the people of all colors pray together with the Sacred C’anupa (pipe), or with any other sacred gifts given by the creator, even with just our natural spirit energy — without anger or resentment or prejudice — extremely powerful things can occur. When we do this with a good heart and in a sacred way we can - and will - change the world!

When you begin to believe in the sacred way of life, you will begin to understand the importance of the sacred sites, knowing that they are a connection to Mother Earth. You will understand the traditions and the ability to see the prophecies that were passed down through the generations of Ancestors, who lived in harmony. They had seen what was in store for their seven generations to come (us), they prayed we would re-find the "key" to harmony in understanding the Spirit of the Circle of Life. It is then that you assist in bringing health, prosperity and balance back to Mother Earth. That is human sacrifice and spiritual growth. That is the way. We as the Buffalo People believe in this circle of life, where there is no ending and no beginning. The process of mending the sacred hoop continues.....

Know that you yourself are essential to this world. Believe that. Understand both the blessing and the burden of that. You yourself are desperately needed to save the Soul of this World. Did you think you were put here for something less?...... 
Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Responses to "White Buffalo Day 2013: To everyone who cares for peace."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank You

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've felt this Pain before
    but it was in a different place
    I've been insane before
    but then I had a different face

    Within the Hurt
    there shines a smile
    Within the dirt
    there cries a Child

    Each teardrop flowing
    ever after
    Each fear stops Knowing
    Heaven's Laughter

    The Goddess in our Heart
    is crying
    the Madness ever Dark
    is dying

    Oh, Mother, Please
    say All is Well
    and other Healing words
    do tell

    Remind your Children
    they must Care
    define your Ills
    then take us there

    Show us Where
    we've Died before
    Show us What
    the Crying's for

    We Know inside
    just what to do
    We Know the Lies
    could not be true

    We Know the Way
    but we are Lost
    We Know each Day
    could be

    Our Last

  3. Karen K says:

    Thank you so much for your wise words. A beautiful way to start the day and pause for reflection. There were words perfectly meant for me to hear today. Great video job also!

  4. Unknown says:

    I believe that the world, every race has so much to learn from the sacred spirit way, if only they would open their eyes and see, open their ears and listen, open their arms to embrace it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank You for reminding me of how I must be. Of how I want to be. Of how I will strive to be.

  6. Unknown says:

    thank u for helping everyone to wake up :)

  7. Unknown says:

    Namaste', I honor you.

  8. leroy says:

    great wisedom; we should ALL begin to listen;learn; act for the betterment of all!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My Heart was troubled until I heard these words.

  10. Lisa Hernandez says:

    Thank You I agree and believe this is true and what is needed for all of us and how I need to live my life as an example for others

  11. Anonymous says:

    A beautiful poem. We must start caring about our Mother again, if she dies we die with her. How can people be so foolish as not to understand this? May you be blessed this day.

  12. Anonymous says:

    inspiring words... now; how, when, where do we get the spiritual leaders from the four directions together in peace, love & harmony to pray for peace, love & harmony in the world today. somebody help...

  13. Anonymous says:

    I Honor you with deepest love & light. Blessings
    Mystic Rising/ Tamara Vicere

  14. Anonymous says:

    The are three ways to heal this earth. one is by thought, but thought alone cannot do it. another is by voice, but voice alone cannot do it. still another is by action, but action alone still cannot do it. i want it to be better on earth; we all do. we can all do that... we need our spiritual leaders to unite together so that they may lead us in thought, voice, & action to speak as one. ie our heart & spirits need to unite literally not figuratively into one song for peace, for love, for harmony on earth.

  15. Unknown says:

    by my thoughts and actions I will honor the Great Mother each day. Thank you Chief, for your blessings.

  16. Thank you for the gift of sharing

  17. Anonymous says:

    Chief... the invitation for the white tribes to come help heal the native tribes was supposed to be in the lct paper 2 months ago. we missed the window. the black tribes are next & are already moving. the yellow tribes are still in prayer.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We should heed the words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse. He is wise beyond what we believe in this day.

  19. Jon Mark says:

    Thank you.
    we are all connected.
    It is an honor to be alive here, now.

    Thank you for sharing these words.

  20. Michael Fredde says:

    Thank you grandfather for your wonderful words. I pray each day that more will find this path that I now walk. Prayers are offered each day for Mitakuye Oyasin and especially our Ina Maka, the giver of life. Prayers are offered in hopes that my granchildren's grandchildren will be able to watch wanbli soar or see mahto catch fish from a clear mountain stream. Each of us have that power of prayer, to add our voice, our spirit to the cause of saving Ina Maka for future generations. When elders like you speak it only reinforces my commitment to pray harder. Thank you grandfather, thank you.

  21. RobertaRandall says:

    thank you for sharing these teachings. i do agree that we all need to put our hearts together in prayer for our mother earth for without any of her blessings, we could not survive. in the most humblest way, i pray today for our sacred water. the problems of the world are so overwhelming, just grateful and humbled by the beauty to be alive in this time before it all changes. May the creator take pity on our children and future generations. ill always believe in the power of love. Mitakuye Oyasin.

  22. Unknown says:

    I was honored to purchase a used copy of " Buffalo Woman Comes Singing " by Brooke Medicine Eagle.
    On page 113 the start of chapter 6 : Rainbow Woman Comes
    I found a feather. Let me share with everyone the first few words on the page.

    The bridge into a new time must be a bridge of light; all colors, all races, All Our Relations must be included in that bridge for the rainbow to form and to arch across the chasm.

    Powerful words. I will do my part in helping to spread the Light which will change this world and heal Mother Earth.

    " Mitakuye Oyasin "

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love the poem, very inspiring

  24. Anonymous says:

    I want to say thank you for telling people how special the earth is our trees water air we breath sun for warmth and growth lets all pray that we can bring the earth back to her natural way of being so we all can live in peace

  25. G. Crowshoe says:

    Thanks for thoses awesome words, im am a blackfeet and we heard the same words as we were growing up on the prairies of southern Alberta. Yes legends taik about the coming white buffalo as a portent of something wonderful that will happen.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Rainbow Bridge:

    red... take your energy
    orange... to create
    yellow... an intelligent
    green... way to heal
    blue... physically
    indigo... emotionally
    purple... spiritually
    white...as one

    written by an anonymous
    Rainbow Freedom Peaceful Warrior

  27. Anonymous says:

    R. Allen says:
    It makes more sense to honor the Earth,our Creator and save the earth than wait and prayer for our Creator to take us away.

  28. Rain Thomas says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes today and my heart to remember this tomorrow.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the reminder of hope. It brings a Light in the darkness of the current avalanche of evil.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Aho Grandfather, thank you.

  31. dvoss says:

    Chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo www.nst.og

  32. Anonymous says:

    yes, all of the peaceful, prayerful, compassionate tribes. each tribe prays according to their own language & custom. i will go get these folks too. any others? we need them all...

  33. Unknown says:

    Awesome, only if people would love the way you do......

  34. Anonymous says:

    we all do... it is called compassion. now, how do we get the spiritual leaders together? maybe the international peace park?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Grandfather... thank you for your message & i will honor you by trying my best to bring world peace, global love, and universal harmony into reality for all people... of all tribes... everywhere...

    People... i am only one compassionate person seemingly having a midlife crisis. my best idea is to somehow get all the worlds religious leaders to pick a day & get together to simultaneously pray for world peace, global love, and universal harmony. we the believers will follow our religious leaders in this prayer. lets all pray together in our own language in our own custom to celebrate our uniqueness and celebrate our commitment to change this world for the good so we can all live.

    that's the best i got, maybe i'm crazy, but i'm thinking if we are all praying together how can we be fighting at that same time. so at least we can have that few moments of world peace if nothing else, right? maybe?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Grandfather... when this time comes, will you lead your people, one of the first peoples, in prayer in your native language & custom?

  37. Anonymous says:

    am i wrong to assume that this will save every language and culture of all participants in this world peace prayer day thing? isn't the goal non-annihilation? wouldn't this do it peacefully? hello? is anybody out here?

  38. Anonymous says:

    you are right, why should i even care or care to try. lets just say i tried & lets leave it at that. good luck.

  39. Anonymous says:

    i am not a quitter. i believe that when one door closes, another will open. i will continue to try until i die. wish me luck....

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