Dolphins are known to share the ocean waves with humans but it is extremely rare for them to breach the surface and even rarer for the moment to be captured on film. However when surfer Trent Sherbourne zipped up his wetsuit, grabbed his board and headed down to the secluded beach that was the last thing that he thought would be happening to him.

So he was quite surprised when he found himself sharing the surf with a pod of dolphins who had jumped out of the water next to him. In fact a lone dolphin leaped from the wave just in front of Trent. Trent who was a local surfer was completely upstaged by the dolphin racing him down the wave, before losing out to him. Amazingly this was all caught on camera by an amateur photographer, Matt Hutton.

Matt was travelling from Perth to his home in Wickham, Western Australia, in order to add pictures to his portfolio when he decided to stop in the small town of Kalbarri. He had asked locals for some good spots to go and take pictures of surfers but was advised that dolphin sightings were rare. Luckily for Matt, he had bought along a specialist lens and was determined to get some good shots.

According to Matt, 'One photographer said that he had been there hundreds of times but only seen dolphins on a few occasions. I was getting some great photos of Trent Sherborne surfing this awesome wave, when a pod of dolphins decided to join him. On the first occasion I captured two dolphins sharing a wave with him and a few separate photos of just the dolphins by themselves.'

Then in the next second he captured an incredibly rare moment when a dolphin breached the surface while sharing a wave with Trent the surfer. These intelligent animals are known to swim with humans, but surfing with them is rare, and even then they stay underwater most of the time.

Matt added: 'It really is a very rare shot and I was so lucky to have been at the right place and right time and in regards to the dolphin and the surfer, Trent said he knew it was him in the photo as it's not everyday you get to eyeball a Dolphin, so it was pretty close!'

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing shot !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing shot !!!

  3. moi says:

    gallows coffs harbour,,,happened to me

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic... would love it if it happens to me...

  5. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    That once in a lifetime experience of being in the perfect place, at the perfect time. Magnificent!!! Congratulations

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