Continuing their success of the Navajo keyboard released last November for the Apple products, the staff of Native Innovation Inc. having been working hard this past month testing the application that will Android device users download a Navajo keyboard.

Last evening in Flagstaff, Native Innovation staff held a launch party at the Native American Cultural Center at Northern Arizona University to celebrate their success.

“This is our contribution to the DinĂ© Language Revitalization among our tech savvy youth,”

commented Jerome Tsosie, president and co-owner of Native Innovation Inc. to the Native News Network prior to the launch party.

Navajo Keyboard makes it convenient for users to type in Navajo and removes many of the frustrations that users have with typing Navajo using the default Android keyboard. For starters, this app places an extra row of keys on its keyboard, allowing you access to specific Navajo characters without depressing the letter.

Users are able to access the letters f,v,p and q by holding down the assigned letter for a split second. You will no longer need to switch back to the English keyboard since all letters of the alphabet will be at your fingertips.

The new Navajo keyboard application for Android devices is free to download from Google Play Store.

Apple users of iPhones, iPads and IPod Touch unfamiliar with the Navajo keyboard can do so at Google Play Store, as well.

Navajo keyboards can be fully integrated into classrooms and all social platforms and becomes your primary keyboard. If you are interested in this please email

Native Innovation Inc. will have a booth set up at this year's 67th Annual Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, Arizona September 2-8.


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