Mark Barone of Louisville, Kentucky hopes to spread awareness about the no-kill shelter alternative using the sad faces of euthanized dogs

A Kentucky artist is on a mission to paint 5,500 portraits of shelter dogs doomed to be put to sleep.

That’s the number of dogs killed per day in U.S. shelters, a number that shocked Mark Barone enough to start doing something about it.

By putting a face to the statistic, Barone hopes to spread awareness of the plight of homeless animals in the U.S.

‘There is a no-kill solution,’ Dervan said, ‘which more and more shelters are beginning to use. We are trying to raise awareness and spread education on the topic.’

Barone paints around 10 portraits per day and he’s two years and 3,500 portraits into the project.

Each painting is 12’’X12’’,but the very special ones are as large as eight square feet.

‘The size of the project is half the size of the Sistine Chapel,’ Barone says. ‘The Sistine Chapel is 11,000 square feet, and this will be 5,500 square feet. If you stack the paintings 10 feet tall, it'll be two football fields long.’

AN ACT OF DOG from Sarah Haeberle on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you both for being so kind and caring. Ones heart juts break for this little fellows and ladies. I just read a report that animals know what we know and can understand us all animal not just dogs. Its on this Wolfs site that I read it maybe you two could use that in someway to bring it home more to folks we need to be loving to our pets and strays as well. Keep up the good work sometimes I rhink when someone is led to do such as you two do you are being touched by the hand of God. God bless Judith

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