Cape Town residents have to watch out for bandits that are savage, quick and furry.

One grocery shopper in the South African city learned that firsthand when a baboon ambushed the woman as she was leaving a farmers market.

The thieving baboon pounced on the shopper, who had her hands full, and quickly grabbed at the goods, before making off with some vegetables. Photos of the heist were captured by French photographer Cyril Ruoso.

However, it appears, the shopper was not too upset by the daylight robbery; she's seen smiling in one of the photos as the baboon sniffs at its plunder.

Baboons are a common sighting throughout South Africa, where they often live alongside humans. However, experts have warned that the primates are getting out of control, raiding homes and restaurants for food. A YouTube video posted earlier this year shows just that as baboons invade a home in South Africa's Western Cape and ransack the place.

Authorities in the area have worked to deter baboons from entering urban areas, only putting the animals down in the most extreme cases, South Africa's Independent Online reports. (Source)

Responses to "Baboon Ambushes Woman, Steals Her Veggies (Photos)"

  1. Unknown says:

    I would be scared Baboons can be mean and or aggressive

  2. Anonymous says:

    ~Oh no! At least the lady laughed at the end!~It does look funny in the photos~

  3. Unknown says:

    That woman should never smile around a baboon because to them showing teeth means a challenge to a fight. Baboons can be dangerous.

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