A closer look at one of the world's strangest animals

Ground pangolins are known as 'Manis temminckii' in Latin but more commonly go by the name scaly anteater and are one of the most endangered mammals in the world are found in Africa. They are endangered and rare to find because they are difficult to spot. They are covered in hard scales made from keratin, are nocturnal, and sleep curled up into a ball.

Recently, Maria Diekmann, rescued a female pangolian that she named Roxy when she was found on the black market. Roxy gave birth to a baby pangolin during her stay at the organization. Maria, who is from Namibia, runs conservation group Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST).

Maria describes her experience with Roxy, "A shop owner felt sorry for her and bought her and we ended up taking her in. We hoped we could hold her for a few days until we could get a tracker on her before releasing her. But four days after receiving her she crawled slowly to me and sat in my lap and I soon realised that she had given birth."

"About three months later Roxy began begging to be let out. Because she had always returned previously, I let her out. She headed up a mountain and sadly that is the last time I saw her. After many sleepless nights, her abandoned baby started responding well to plain yoghurt, special animal milk formula and his twice daily ant forages."

The baby pangolin, who is unnamed as of yet, has a 10 inch long tongue which can extend up to 27 inches when he is a fully grown adult. The Pangolin's tongue actually starts in its abdomen and is long and sticky so it can extract bugs from nests or rotten trees.

Maria has been caring for the little guy since his mother Roxy abandoned him while only a few days old. According to Maria, "His favorite place was just behind her neck and that is why I believe he still loves to crawl onto the top of my head as I walk around. Thus, I always wear a hat. The photos that I took with my iPhone shows his tongue which is about a long as his body."

Right now the little Pangolin is just being called 'Baby', but he will soon be named following a fundraising competition. 'Baby' can't help but melt hearts with his shy gaze and tiny body. Clutching his hands together, this orphaned baby has definitely won over his surrogate mother and he is sure to win many more fans with his cute looks.

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    you go lady, im glad to see people still care deeply for the baby's ..they need us as much as we need them..keeo up the good work

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