The state of Colorado is undergoing some of the worst flooding in history. 

People and pets are being evacuated and sadly many are missing right now. Everything is being done that is possible to reach those who are caught in path of the floods. But what about the many ranch animals and livestock? Who is helping them?

Last Friday the Ochsner family spotted their cattle and some horses that belonged to their neighbor from Copter4 video airing on CBS4 News. It was with a sigh of relief seeing their animals were alive that their feelings of uncertainty changed to something closer to hope. According to rancher, Kevin Ochsner, "It was a relief because we could see where they were and they were alright."

The images of the animals surrounded by fields of flood water was very heartbreaking for them to see but the thoughts soon turned to getting them home safe. It was a challenge, but one that the group of farmers and ranchers from the area took head on beginning on Saturday. Before long one neighbor called another neighbor and soon there was a yard full of pickups and trailers.

Together the ranchers were able to reach the horses by boat and then move them to higher ground with the result being nearly a dozen horses were rescued on Saturday. But the rescue was far from over yet. It had become so late in the day by the time they were done rescuing the horses, so the same group had to come back for the rest of animals on Sunday. This included about 70 of Ochsner’s cattle.

The ranchers were very happy to report that they had successfully rescued all of the animals.

Sock The Horse Survives The Flood


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is so wonderful, so many people are busy looking for and rescuing people sometimes animals get left till it is too late for many. Thank you so much perhaps others could help domestic pets too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I Love news like this!:) Thank you!:)

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