This adorable group of butternut golden retriever puppies are ready for their first swim. They’re all eager to get into the water, and while a few are hesitant to jump in, eventually, they all end up taking a dip!

Interesting Facts About the Golden Retriever

*Golden retrievers originated in Scotland in the 19th century. They were originally bred to be friendly towards humans, which makes them such an ideal pet.

*Golden retrievers need a lot of attention of else they will actually get sad and lonely. The are very social dogs and need interaction with people or other dogs frequently.

*Golden retrievers have an instinctive partialness to being in the water. If there is water around, they will want to be in it. This makes bath time for a golden retriever easier than most dogs, but also allows for them to get dirty and wet more often.

*A golden retrievers life expectancy is 12-14 years, but there has been reports of them living for up to 16 years.

*A golden retrievers coat can be short or long and range in color from a pale cream color to a darker redish gold color. Also, long coats can be straight or wavy in texture.

*Golden retriever puppies have a lighter coat than adult dogs. Their coat will darken as they get older.

*A golden retrievers mouth is soft, which makes it easier to retrieve items in it's mouth. This is what contributes them to being a good hunting dog and good fetcher. (Source)


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