Butch The Kitten Survives 38-Mile Ride Wedged Under Car

Robert Avery of Palm Coast, Fla., recently got the shock of his life as he was traveling from Daytona Beach to his home in Palm Coast on Aug. 27th. He had heard strange noises coming out from underneath his car.

He originally thought there was a frog stuck above his tire. Instead he was surprised when he and his son jacked the vehicle up, because they found something much cuter. A little blue-eyed kitten was wedged in between the suspension.

Avery figured out that the feral feline probably crawled up under the car the night before, 38 miles away in Daytona Beach, where Avery works. Avery says the little kitten was very lucky to have survived considered he drove home going at least 65 miles per hour.

It took Avery and his son about 30 minutes to free the kitten, who was completely covered in oil. "He was filthy. He was nasty. He was covered. He was a nasty little fellow," according to Avery. The good news is that Avery has decided to adopt the little fellow, who he named "Butch."


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