Dogs are known for being slobbery, smelly and leaving hair around the house.

But this breed cleans up well. Or at least you'd think it would.

Strikingly similar to a mop, a Komondor is Hungary's answer to a sheep dog. And it won't go anywhere near the water.

These images of a herd in Bodony, 130km north of Budapest, show some delighted pups roaming around their native hills.

Growing up to three feet tall, their cord coats, which they often shake around wildly, weighs around 30kg - and takes several days to dry.

At around nine months the heavy mane begins to grow over their early super-soft, poodle-like fur coats.

The puppy coat sheds and twists together to form the matted dreadlocks of their adult locks.

Professionals are often employed to help with the cording process - although some dogs are 'self-cording'.

A very ancient breed, Komondors were once used by the Magyar people of Hungary to protect both people and cattle from predators.

Owners and breeders praise them for their loyalty and sociability with other animals.

Now, they are rarely used as guard dogs, but maintain their instinct to protect.


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