Four Generations of the Lakota Wisdom Keepers, interviews with Nathan Chasing Horse, David Swallow, and GRandpa Wallace Black Elk. Produced and Directed by Nick Halsey, Director of Photography Dave Westin, Editing by Steve Weiss, second editor Rafaela Castellanos.

The Lakota (or Teton Sioux) are a group of Native Americans characterized by their emphasis on ideals such as community, affinity, generosity, cooperation, and strength. The term Lakota roughly translates to "an alliance of people."

Throughout most of Lakota history, family and community were the foundations of life. And for the Lakota, family did not just end at one’s immediate relatives (i.e., siblings, parents, and children). Instead, different families that were bound by blood or marriage ties united together to form a social unit called a tiyospaye, which translates to “member extended family.”

For the Lakota, each person’s acts were often measured in terms of its impact on the entire tiyospaye, and people within the tiyospaye aligned and cooperated together for the good of all of its members. And even though several leaders headed each tiyospaye, there was still a sense of equality among all people.

*living in harmony with others
*having a sense of belonging to one’s community
*valuing interpersonal relationships
*trusting one another

The ideal of affinity was so strong in the Lakota society that it even went outside the boundaries of one’s tiyospaye and extended to the entire Lakota nation. (Source)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was so wonderful and reassuring! thank you

  2. Redhand says:

    Wise words, wise counsel. We must keep it going. If we need to work harder to combat this 'new world' for our children, then we must. Others are working to help change the world, to get all people to recognize we are all one and to help each other. We must let them and then co-operate all together to make things right again. Never give up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    powerful wisdom you can apply to all levels of life and spirituality

  4. Anonymous says:

    if they only knew we have wisdom, harmony and love for all nature and fellow men and women.....too bad their eyes have piercing hatred and fear of goodness.
    Monique "l'etoile de neige" (snowstar) Therrien Burghart

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