If you’re stuck up a tree, it’s nice to know you can rely on your big brother to help you down – even if it means standing on his head.

The lion had climbed into the tree in search of some shade but ended up clinging on after his cheeky brother dragged him down.

But the joke soon backfired on the bigger brother, who ended up being used as a sturdy platform by the younger sibling.

The two lions, named Echo and Etosha, left onlookers at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe roaring with laughter.

Although they are both related, Echo is better known for his pussycat demeanour, while Etosha has a reputation for being a fearless hunter.

Photographer David Jenkins, 40, was the only person to snap the big cats in action but thankfully the only thing that took a bruising was the lion's pride.

David, from Dublin, Ireland, was one of a lucky handful of people who managed to witness the comical moment and said: 'Echo had no trouble getting into the tree but was not so confident climbing down until his brother arrived.

'It was really funny to watch as Echo got himself more and more into trouble.

'He was hanging from the branch by his front paws and was clearly searching for some solid ground under his back legs, until eventually he found his brother's head.

'They are both extremely playful with each other but they have very different personalities.

'Echo is very friendly and very lazy while Etosha is a great hunter - he always comes back to look for his sleepy brother.

'Lion cubs love to climb but it becomes more difficult as they get bigger and heavier.'

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    I love to watch this, so loving and so funny.

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    Now that's what I call brotherly love!!

  3. he my best bud and i ain't lion♥

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