Miracle Puppy Survives Accident & Becomes Sweetest Boy in The World - Barry, Save Our Street Dogs

Life is not easy for stray dogs in Singapore. It has a No-Stray policy there and because of this several street dogs are killed each month from the relentless catching and culling by the governing authorities there. Others are also killed from accidents and even eaten as food.

Everyday thousands of street dogs face not only the danger of living in the open, but also a constant death sentence from dog catchers who are on the prowl everyday. These dogs are seen strictly as a pest. In a place where urban development is rapid, there is very little place for street dogs.

Also in Singapore pedigree dogs are considered to be status symbols and mixed breed dogs are considered to be inferior. They are often looked at as being ugly, wild and unwanted. But that is just not true for a rescue organization there called SOS or Save our Strays.

They recently received an emergency call about a puppy in an industrial estate who was hit by a truck and found motionless. The poor little pup was just 5weeks old and was paralyzed from the waist down from a terrible crushed pelvis. He was also very bloated.

Members from SOS left the little pup whom they named 'Barry' at the vets with little hope because many dogs in Singapore do not survive after being hit by heavy vehicles. But in just 2 days, Barry began miraculously started wagging his tail! With each passing day he started getting better and better.

Barry is now in a foster home, where he is loved by his foster parents and new found friends alike. He is also the friendliest little pup even after his recent traumatic event. See his amazing video below.

Barry is one of the lucky street dogs in Singapore. SOS is hopeful that through education, the public will become more compassionate towards the homeless dogs, and the government will one day realize the fallacy of their No-stray catch-and-cull policy.


Responses to "Miracle Puppy in Singapore survives being crushed by a truck! (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful organization. God bless you and all best wishes to this little guy.

  2. Bless you, little Barry and those that care for you.

    As one eye opens, others look to see...and hope follows

  3. IcyWolfie says:

    WTF since when did Singaporeans eat dogs? We're not China.

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  5. Yes, dogs are being eaten here. We are not China, but you know who are building our non-stop developments. My father used to be a site manager and often told us how his dogs were used as food.

    Last year, I personally rescued a batch of puppies who are going to be the main course in a construction site BBQ. Invitations were sent out for workers all over to gather for the feast. Every week, SOSD receives sightings of workers beating dogs, trying to lure them for food. Most of the times, puppies are targeted, and we can only save some. Often we are too late.

    Go thru my videos and u will see cinnamon ( Who we removed because his sister was brutally bludgeoned to death and eaten. Most Singaporeans do not see it, but it is happening. Just like how dogs are being culled by the dozens every week but most are oblivious to it and would rather not know.

    Dr Siew Tuck Wsh
    Save Our Street Dogs

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