How to do a simple Sage cleansing to Bless and Protect your home.

Sage, along with sweetgrass, red cedar and tobacco, is one of the four plants considered sacred by First Nations and M├ętis Peoples. Sage is used broadly for many purposes by both First Nations and Native Americans – and is described here in only the most general of terms. Similar to sweetgrass, it is used in many geographical locations in North America, whereas red cedar is primarily used in ceremonies on the northwest coast.

Sacred plants all seem to have one thing in common – the versatility with which they are used. Sage, depending on the particular culture, can be used in medicine pouches, spread over the floor of a sweatlodge, wrapped around sacred implements, used for healing, used to make bad spirits sick, purify people and dwellings, healing and calming.

There are two types of sage, each with its own distinct qualities and uses. Smoke from white sage (Artemesia califoncia) is used for purification of mind, body and spirit and sacred articles in advance of prayers and ceremonies. White sage is burned for meditation, smudging and cleansing of spirit and dwelling. In some beliefs, white sage smoke is believed to provide a barrier that prevents negative spirits from entering the room in which the ceremony is being held.

Desert sage (Salvia apiana) has been revered by First Peoples for its medicinal attributes long before the study of microbiology entered the universe. The ancient belief in desert sage as a healing plant is “verified” by scientific analysis of its properties that show it contains certain polyphenals which are natural antioxidants that protect cells from toxins and organisms in the environment that cause infections; it is antifungal, antiseptic and an astringent. Interestingly, the Latin root of Salvia is salvare, which means to heal.

In this video “Picking Sage and Great Advice from an Elder” video, you will hear Elder Wilfred Buck talk about the healing powers of sacred sage, and how those healing powers brought him back from the doorstep of death to a clean and spiritual life.


Responses to " Picking Sage and Great Advice from an Elder (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very powerful-Thank you for posting

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweat lodge,sweet grass,sage tobacco and cedars along with the use of sacred pipe help me get sober. Been sober now for over 28 years. Powerful medicine it is!

  3. You always post such amazing content.

  4. Chino Martinez says:

    Truly Said, Powerful!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this post so powerful

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing that its sooo good that people know about other cultures beliefs.
    I am a Australian aboriginal women and we use gumleaves for protection against spirits that have not been taken to their resting and not allowing the bad ones to enter our homes and bodies just the same as the native Indians do. My Totem is the EMU and Eaglehawk.
    thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wished to sage my home, thanks for the post

  8. tRN says:

    I'm confused - I've always read and been taught that white sage is Salvia apiana. Did they get mixed up there or have I always been wrong?? I know the Artemisias as sagebrush and the Salvias as sages.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WarEagle49833: welcome home, brother, to the true center of the universe. When we center our spirits, we find the Creator and the path we are to walk. It is good that you are sharing your story to show others who are lost that their life is not hopeless and pointless nor their condition permanent. There is a way back to calmness and peace.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am fascinated by the traditional medicines and have had the opportunity to have been smudged by elders on different occasions. I feel clean and wholesome after such ceremonies. I am not of Aboriginal decent but truly respect their way of life.

  11. Anonymous says:

    White sage is salvia apiana, the information about polyphenols relates to white sage.

  12. Unknown says:

    I sage my home and property whenever I feel negative energy has come in...happy to have good friends who bring me sage as I livein French Polynesia! Thankyou to the ancesters!!!!!

  13. Sage, Medicine Way, Elders, Sweat Lodge. Spirit Walks ,Full Moon Prayer circles all help me come home to my Spirit lodge, sober and happy now 30 years.Thank you Great Spirit, Grandmother, Totems, and all my relations for this miracle and a way out. As I am healed I am not healed alone.Now I study with Sister's of The Shield to be a better person and leave a good medicine here on the earth as I go to the Blue Road.....Kate

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have an aversion to many types of smoke, particularly that from some cigarettes although even a fragrant incense may also cause a reaction, but especially the smoke from Sage. Our office was next door to a practitioner who used sage a lot and not only I, but also the other workers present, found being exposed to it on such a constant basis caused nausea and headaches.
    Spent some time researching it. Here is a sample of what a search engine found:
    Sage contains a chemical substance called thujone which has some odd properties. In large amounts or as a gas, sage can be toxic. If you inhale it long enough, it can poison you resulting in hallucinations, nausea, disturbing dreams, etc.
    Thujone is a toxic ingredient in sage and other substances like absinthe.
    Thujone acts on GABA and 5-HT3 receptors in the brain. Thujone is a GABA receptor antagonist. By inhibiting GABA receptor activation, neurons may fire more easily, which can cause muscle spasms and convulsions.
    "Absinthe is banned in the United States because of harmful neurological effects caused by a toxic chemical called thujone," Apparently sage oil has 50% more thujone than Absinthe.
    Also found some stories of others experiences, like these:
    “I love to be able to cleanse my home. But every time I use sage it makes me want to puke. I like the smell but after a few mins. I feel like I want to puke. Does anyone else feel this way ? What else can I use to cleanse my home. I just can't use sage.”
    “I too get nauseated when I smell it to the point of gagging or even violent coughing fits when using white sage which is by far the worst for me. Smoke also tends to make my dogs eyes and noses run so I generally steer clear of it in my house in any form. Keep in mind though that Sage isn't the only thing used for smudging, tobacco, sweet grass, and cedar also work very well. There are a few companies which also have liquid sprays, though you can make these yourself with essential oils dilluted in water.”
    “Sage, lavender, and sandlewood are a few scents that also make me ill. They are too heavy. So I use sweetgrass and lemongrass to cleanse. They work very well.”

    Respect for the tradition however, do believe a warning of possible side effects would best serve the interests of those who may discover a hypersensitivity to the toxic thujon in sage smoke.

    peaceBwithU _/\_

  15. Anonymous says:

    A better title: Sage Advice from an Elder--Judith Robinson Levin

  16. Anonymous says:

    As already stated Salvia Apiana is White Sage, Artemisia Californica is Sagebrush also often used as a smudge by First Nation peoples. If you have a reaction to Sage both Juniper and Cedar are powerful smudges for cleansing and protection. If smudges bother you try Dragons blood, camphor or the ringing of bells to clear a space. Sweetgrass is manly used to call in the Spirits while Lavender returns one to a state of balance, they are both considered female herbs but of course both sexes may enjoy them.

    Thank you for sharing this wise and soulful video.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Udah

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where would I find the tobacco to bless & thank the plants? Great video! ! Thank you!!

  19. Sunshine says:

    In need of a cleanse/prayer for my sister. I have no sage or sweet grass right now? She will also not be with me. Something has brought her bad karma and she definitely doesn't deserve it. What and how can I help?

  20. Sunshine says:

    In need of a cleanse/prayer for my sister. I have no sage or sweet grass right now? She will also not be with me. Something has brought her bad karma and she definitely doesn't deserve it. What and how can I help?

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