Meet Ratatouille...not only a snowboarding opossum but the world's greatest snowboarding opossum!

Ratatouille is the second opossum to become an unlikely internet star. The first was a video of Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum from Leipzig, Germany that amassed hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube in January last year.

Ratatouille skyrocketed to fame after employees at Liberty Ski Resort in Emmitsburg, Maryland uploaded a video of the snowboarding opossum showcasing his unusual talent. Ratatouille, has been described as ‘the world’s greatest snowboarding opossum’. In the one - minute video he wears a green striped jumper which has already attracted a large following.

He can be seen speeding past other skiers, while occasionally pausing to pose by his snowboard. Spectators take pictures and videos of Ratatouille as he hits the slopes. He flaunts his 2011 to 2012 ski pass, which is registered under the name Ratatouille Bowers.

The video of Ratatouille the snowboarding opossum has become an internet sensation with almost 5,000 hits on YouTube in just one day. Internet users reacted with delight at the hilarious opossum. One person even posted, ‘That guy’s a better snowboarder than my girlfriend.’


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    absolutely one unique critter. Thumbs up

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