Washington D.C. now has it's first rehabilitation center dedicated to it's wildlife called City Wildlife. According to Anne Lewis the president of it, "In fact the District has "hundreds of species. "Most people don't realize the sheer diversity of wildlife."

She is of course referring to the fact that D.C. has coyotes, foxes, raptors (birds of prey) and even an endangered, eyeless, colorless shrimp-like crustacean with an 8-year lifespan that isn't known to live anywhere else on earth.

The center, which opened in July of this year, can care for about 1,200 animals per year. So far it has treated about 140 animals, which includes an osprey that was hit by a truck, a turtle found in an abandoned apartment, a lot of pigeons and songbirds (one bird mother has even taken to feeding a couple of orphaned babies from a different species), several opossum and a baby hummingbird that was brought in after being attacked by a cat.

Anne Lewis -- who is unpaid, runs City Wildlife with three staff members, veterinarian Erica Eads as well as Hehmeyer and DeMay, says that caring for hurt or orphaned pigeons and squirrels until they can be released back into nature may seem small potatoes to some. But she goes on to say that, "90 percent of what we're doing is to nurture a humane response in people. People are so relieved to have somewhere to bring animals."

The center is currently funded privately, though funding from the District government is also expected. They take in almost any injured creature found in the District, except for deer and "rabies vector species" like raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes or coyotes.

It's a "dream job," says clinic director Alicia DeMay, getting to "sit around and feed baby squirrels." Meanwhile, everyone's hoping for happy endings, which means being released back in the wild, for all those in the care of City Wildlife.

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    That Is A Great Thing To Hear! I Wish A Lot More Of Those Facilities Were Available Thoughout The Country!

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    This is great to see.

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